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Covid: Why are UK cases so high? – BBC News

…Health leaders in England have called for Covid restrictions to be re-introduced ahead of winter, as cases rise.

Thanks to the vaccine, getting infected is now much less likely to land you in
hospital. But soaring cases – which are outstripping some European nations – are still proving a cause for concern…

Lefties Abandon Biden | Call Me Stormy
The Democrat establishment continues to stab their far-left base in the back, leading to a mountain of discontent, dysfunction and all-time lows for the party. The latest adventure came earlier this week when lefties stormed out of a meeting with President Biden after a major disagreement over the administration’s immigration policy, saying they’ve reached a turning point. At issue, according the Democrat socialist wing, was another broken Biden campaign promise, when he assured the party he would abolish President Trump’s remain-in-Mexico policy. Biden initially made good on his promise by suspending the policy last summer, but a Supreme Court ruling in August forced him to reinstate it. Here’s the full story from Liberal Hivemind.


Pfizer has power to ‘silence’ governments and ‘maximize profits’, consumer group alleges – ABC News

That was the key criticism made by Public Citizen, a consumer rights group, which published a report containing leaked Pfizer contracts with the
United States, United Kingdom, European Commission, Albania, Brazil,
Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic and Peru…

China Export Curbs On Fertilizer Could Worsen Global Food Price Shock
China Export Curbs On Fertilizer Could Worsen Global Food Price Shock China’s move to impose export restrictions on fertilizers will be felt worldwide. Beijing’s increased scrutiny comes as global fertilizer markets have been battered by plant shutdowns and skyrocketing prices that may continue to boost food inflation well into 2022. Chinese Communist Party officials have called…

Remembering the Crew of the USS Liberty – Station HYPO

On June 8 1967, the USS Liberty (AGTR 5) was attacked in international waters by Israeli forces killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171. Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured. Let us remember those who were killed and those who survived, including their families – many have physical and emotional scars that they will carry for the rest of their lives.

The men who gave their lives:

COUP CORRUPTION: McCabe FBI Memo Describes COUP Plot Against Trump – YouTube | Truth2Freedom’s Blog
Judicial Watch uncovered this and other key evidence documenting the corruption of Andrew McCabe, who was recently given a taxpayer cash handout by the Biden administration despite his corruption and lies...

OSHA Won’t Track COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign — Conservative Review | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

OSHA is not requiring companies to report any of their employees’ potentially damaging side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine.

OSHA Won’t Track COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Because It Doesn’t Want To Undermine Biden’s Shot Campaign — Conservative Review

A Political Prophecy: Cancel Culture – Listen to Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, Oct 20, 2021 | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Disagreeing with popular opinion used to result in a healthy debate. Now it results in harassment, humiliation, and removal from public life. Today, Dr. David Jeremiah examines the dangers of the “cancel culture” movement. Is it just a temporary trend or a signal that the End Times have begun?

— Read on

2021 migrant crossing could set new record | Fox News Video | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Migrant encounters reach 1.5 million this year and may possibly set a new record, Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin has the latest on ‘Special Report’.