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The Minuteman – TLAMN Incoming

The Minuteman

The reality is the ruling elite fear the citizenry still and because the citizenry is armed, they cannot just massacre ideological dissidents at will. Instead, they have to get crafty and do it through things like an experimental vaccine and call it something scary like COVID. Those with real power and in the national government do not represent us. They hate us and seek to return humanity to serfdom under their rule and undo centuries of progress made by the average citizen to have a better life. This is all by design, it is not an accident.

Keep your powder dry, because it is the only thing that keeps them partially in check.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.

Aim Small, Miss Small

US responds to alleged ‘Russian nuclear weapons’ risk – Politico — RT World News

28 Sep, 2022 11:57

US responds to alleged ‘Russian nuclear weapons’ risk – Politico

Washington is worried that signs of such an attack could “come too late,” an official told the outlet
US responds to alleged 'Russian nuclear weapons' risk – Politico
US and its allies have increased intelligence gathering and
surveillance over concerns that Russia could use nuclear weapons in
Ukraine, an American official has told Politico.

The West is worried that signs of Moscow deciding to “unleash the unthinkable” might “come too late,” according to the news outlet’s sources, cited in an article on Tuesday.

The ramping up of spying activities occurred after an address by Vladimir Putin a week ago, in which he slammed “some senior officials in NATO states”
for suggesting that using nuclear weapons against Russia was justified.
He made it clear that such a move won’t be left unanswered, noting that
Russia has its own arsenal of destructive weapons, some of which
surpass their Western-counterparts. “If the territorial integrity of
our nation is threatened, we will certainly use all the means that we
have to defend Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff,” the president said.

However, Putin’s words were interpreted by politicians and media in the US and EU as a “veiled threat” that Russia could deploy nuclear weapons during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“We’re watching it more closely,” a US government official with “access to intelligence on Moscow’s nuclear forces and strategy” told Politico.

According to the official, additional US and allied intelligence
assets — in the air, space and cyberspace – are monitoring Russia’s
activities. The West has also increased reliance on commercial
Earth-imaging satellites to watch Russian units in Ukraine that could
potentially receive a nuclear order from Moscow.

Russia’s exclave
of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic
coast, has also been attracting increased attention from Western
intelligence agencies, due to the dual-use weapons systems and
hypersonic missiles deployed there, the report said.

Acquiring advance
knowledge of an imminent Russian nuclear attack could be difficult, the
official acknowledged. That’s because Moscow has some two dozen weapons
systems that can deliver both conventional and nuclear warheads, he

The current assessment by Western intelligence is that Russia will “never use a strategic nuclear weapon” over concerns of provoking an all-out nuclear war with NATO, the source said. “What they’ll do is use a short-range weapon. They have warheads that we call micro-nukes,” he said, adding that “it’s still a big bomb.”

“We are not threatening anyone with nuclear weapons,” Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov reiterated last week, referring journalists to the country’s military doctrine.

doctrine only allows the use of nuclear arms if such weapons, or other
types of weapons of mass destruction, are used to target Russia, or if
the country is faced with an existential threat from conventional arms.

If Jeremy Corbyn is vindicated of anti-Semitism allegations, do working-class Brits even care anymore? — RT World News

If Jeremy Corbyn is vindicated of anti-Semitism allegations, do working-class Brits even care anymore?

Traditional Labour voters don’t care about the civil war that brought down the party’s erstwhile leader
If Jeremy Corbyn is vindicated of anti-Semitism allegations, do working-class Brits even care anymore?
Jazeera’s new documentary, ‘The Labour Files,’ enabled by thousands of
leaked documents, emails, and WhatsApp screenshots, is an in-depth look
at the internal struggle within the UK Labour Party during the years of
Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. It reveals how a figurative civil war broke
out within the ranks over the British Labour movement’s political

At the time of writing this, Keir Starmer, the current
Labour leader, was giving his speech to the Party Conference in
Liverpool. In it, he valiantly proclaimed that the horrors of
anti-Semitism and racism that had recently plagued Labour were over –
while at the same time one of his MPs, Rupa Huq whose constituency is
Ealing in North London, has just had the whip removed for saying at a
fringe meeting at the conference that Kwasi Kwarteng, the newly
appointed Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer, is ‘superficially
black.’ According to her comment, for which she has since apologized,
Kwarteng, a Conservative, doesn’t sound like a black man on the radio
because of his education in “the top schools of the country.
Rupa Huq, like many of her colleagues, seems unable to understand the
class system in Britain, and that Kwarteng’s ‘proper accent,’ and his
private education is about his class, not his race. The Labour Party’s
self-centred focus on identity politics (which ties naturally into the
Jeremy Corbyn ‘anti-Semitism’ scandal) is actually one of the reasons
it’s been losing popularity amongst the British working class – which is
one of the important things left outside the scope of ‘Labour Files.’

The two of the three parts shown so far in the ‘Labour Files’ series
cover the subject that has been viscously fought over for the last seven
years. In 2015 Jeremy Corbyn was elected to be the leader of the Labour
Party. The established bureaucrats and Party apparatchiks disliked him
and his followers intensely and so they went to war. At the centre of
the conflict were accusations of anti-Semitism by both sides and the
occupation of Palestine by the Israeli state. One episode focuses on a
BBC Panorama programme that was aired at the height of the inter-Labour
conflict in July 2019, when some Labour party employees claimed that
under the leadership of Corbyn his army of followers had racially abused
them. The ‘Labour Files’ both proves their claims were mostly
unsubstantiated and gives Corbyn supporters a right to reply which had
not been given by the Labour Party or the BBC.

The documentary
also makes links to Jewish Labour supporters of the Israeli state to the
far-right group the EDL (English Defence League) and makes a point that
an elite political institution such as the Labour Party is
fundamentally full of nepotism, corruption, and those avaricious for
power, though I’m not sure we needed a three-hour documentary series to
tell us the latter. The documentaries go from claim to counter claim as
the Palestine/Israeli conflict completely overtakes its narrative, which
is fine if that’s your politics – and it appears that for the Corbyn
civil warriors it is.

I have no doubt at all that the Labour Party
bureaucrats connected to the centrists within the party did everything
in their power and beyond to discredit the Corbyn leadership and to some
extent they succeeded. But the Labour Party suffered a colossal defeat
in the 2019 general election, losing 80 ‘safe seats’ in the
de-industrialised communities of the midlands and the North, and
anti-Semitism and the Palestinian/Israeli conflict had little to do with
it. The Labour Party had been losing working-class voters since 1997
and Jeremy Corbyn was derided mostly in the North for being a
schoolteacher-like middle-class idealist from North London, and having
no connection to their lives. The same is being said about Keir Starmer,
in that he belongs to a North London political elite that could never
live or understand a day in the lives of the British working class.

I am sure that the ‘Labour Files’ will be cathartic for
Corbyn’s supporters. It may even spur them on to continue their civil
war from within for another seven years. But the British working class,
who are concerned about how they will afford to heat their homes, feed
their children, and find somewhere affordable to live, know that the
civil war within the Labour Party has never been about them. As it
continues spiralling, it will seem ever more distant and elitist in the
same way as the Conservatives appear today.

statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely
those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Putin’s words must be taken seriously – Merkel — RT World News

28 Sep, 2022 12:32

Putin’s words must be taken seriously – Merkel

Heeding what Moscow says is “political wisdom” and not a sign of weakness, the former German chancellor said
Putin’s words must be taken seriously – Merkel
countries should take Russian President Vladimir Putin and his
statements seriously, former German chancellor Angela Merkel said on
Tuesday. Her remarks came after the Russian leader issued a warning to
the West last week, noting that those who use nuclear blackmail against
Moscow “should know that the wind rose can turn around.”

a rare public appearance at the opening of the Chancellor Helmut Kohl
Foundation in Berlin on Tuesday, Merkel noted that Vladimir Putin’s
words should not be ignored.

Not dismissing them as a bluff, but taking them seriously is by no means a sign of weakness,” she said. On the contrary, “this is a sign of political wisdom, which helps to preserve room to maneuver or, no less important, even to develop a new one,” the former chancellor added.

She was apparently referring to Putin’s statement last week, in which he signaled that Moscow would use “all means to defend Russia and our people” if its territorial integrity is threatened.

was also asked what she thought former chancellor Helmut Kohl would
have done against the backdrop of the Ukraine conflict.

According to Merkel, he would “make every effort to protect and restore the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine” as Kiev sought to fight off Russian troops. However, she added that Kohl would look to “the day after” and keep an open mind about something “unimaginable” now – “how relations to and with Russia could one day be redeveloped” after the conflict ends.

who is widely considered to have been Kohl’s protege, served as
Germany’s chancellor for 16 years and established working relations with
Putin. During her tenure, Germany was also heavily reliant on Russian
gas imports. She was criticized for her relations with Moscow despite
supporting anti-Russia sanctions imposed by the West after the Crimean
Peninsula broke away from Ukraine and rejoined Russia.

In June,
Merkel said her resignation last year might have influenced Putin’s
decision to start the military operation in Ukraine in late February. At
the time, she also acknowledged her failure to create “an additional European-Russian discussion format about a European security order alongside the Normandy format,”
referring to a framework that paved the way for the 2014 and 2015 Minsk
agreements, which sought to establish a ceasefire between pro-Russia
and pro-Kiev forces.

Major airline allows male staff to wear skirts — RT World News

Major airline allows male staff to wear skirts

Virgin Atlantic is permitting its personnel to wear any uniform in which they feel comfortable
Major airline allows male staff to wear skirts
In a bid to become “the most inclusive airline in the skies,”
British Virgin Atlantic scrapped rules on Wednesday requiring its staff
to wear gender-specific uniforms. This means male personnel may now
wear red skirt suits to work.

The company, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson, announced that it would update its gender identity policies to “champion individuality,” enabling its employees to wear clothing that “expresses how they identify.”

According to the airline’s press release, personnel are now free to choose any company-approved uniform, “no matter their gender, gender identity or gender expression.” The uniforms have been created for Virgin by British designer Dame Vivienne Westwood.

updated policies also provide an option for both Virgin Atlantic staff
and passengers to wear pronoun badges to make sure they are addressed
with consideration for their gender identity.

The airline’s ticketing systems will also allow people with a
gender-neutral marker in the passport to use ‘U’ or ‘X’ gender codes on
their booking, as well as the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’. This feature,
however, is available only in a handful of countries, including the US,
India and Pakistan.

In addition, Virgin Atlantic has updated its “trans inclusion policies,”
entitling members of this community to time off for medical treatments
related to gender transition, and allowing them to choose changing and
shower facilities.

The move, however, has been met with criticism
by some members of the public who consider the decision to be
controversial or even see it as “woke madness.”

amendment of Virgin Atlantic’s policies comes after major US airlines
agreed in July to update their systems by 2024 to enable clients to buy
tickets with an “X” gender marker, which means the passenger considers themselves to be neither male nor female…

Medvedev Says US, NATO Won’t Intervene If Russia Uses Nuke
Medvedev Says US, NATO Won’t Intervene If Russia Uses Nuke Authored by Dave DeCamp via, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday said he doesn’t believe the US and NATO would intervene if Russia launched a nuclear strike in Ukraine over fears of a “nuclear apocalypse” despite recent comments from US officials. Medvedev, a […]

Germany considers nationalizing another gas importer

Following the nationalization of gas giant Uniper
earlier in the week, the German government on Thursday confirmed it was
considering the takeover of SEFE, the German subsidiary of Russia’s
energy behemoth Gazprom…