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Coronavirus panic-buying no issue for Victorian family toilet paper-free for five years – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: I think that this article sends people to the wrong direction. It is more hygenic to use a small shower head to wash off (

Meg Ulman and Patrick Jones, from Daylesford, now use a squat composting toilet and ‘family cloths’ -reusable wipes made from flannel.

They made the change when they realised the popular toilet paper delivery service they used manufactured their rolls in China.

The flannel is from a local op shop and has been going strong for five years.

After each wipe, the cloth is put into a bucket beside the toilet — with optional eucalyptus oil — and every five days to a week, the family cloth takes a spin in a front loader washing machine at maximum heat.

After being washed, the family cloth is dried on an outdoors clothes horse.

It is just one in a series of changes the couple has made over the course of a decade, including giving up shopping at supermarkets, giving up
their car, and turning off the gas at home in favour of a wood heater.

Ms Ulman advises families thinking about taking the plunge to family cloths to take it one step at a time to make each new habit stick.

Plagues Over the Centuries Have Caused Radical Political Shifts – Examples From the Last 2500 Years | Russia Insider | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

The current epidemic has the potential to be an event of historic significance by reawakening natural bonds of kinship-based loyalty among Westerners. Sir Kenneth Clark defined decades ago the challenge the Western world is facing today: “It is lack of confidence, more than anything else, which destroys a civilization.” But not all is lost, it seems. After the initial shock, millions of Americans and Europeans who love their lands more than any others, and who put their families and their neighborhoods before all others, are the ones fighting the epidemic with resilience and stoicism.

Victoria Police to issue fines for breaking coronavirus social distancing rules as cases climb to 685 – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Rich people traveled the world and bring back coronavirus. Poor people get fined for gathering for mutual support!

At a press conference this
morning, Police Minister Lisa Neville said individuals would face fines of up to $1,652 for gathering in groups and businesses would cop penalties of $9,913.

Ms Neville said the fines would apply where people were flouting a directive from the Chief Health Officer “such as mass gatherings, 14
days of self-quarantine, weddings and funerals”.

The limit on weddings is five people and funerals are capped at 10 people. People can also be fined for organising the auction of a residential property.

People would not be fined for standing less than 1.5 metres apart.

New York Fed Has Allowed Dangerous Wall Street Banks to Have Lower Loan Loss Reserves than at time of 2008 Crash – Rigged Game

The reason that these politically-connected banks don’t want to take proper loan loss reserves is that it eats into the earnings they can report. It’s those earnings that allow the CEOs to justify their obscene pay packages and stock buybacks. Good earnings also prop up the stock price of the banks’ shares, which allow the CEOs to cash out their stock option grants at a huge windfall. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase has become a billionaire from his stock grants and bank compensation.

To show just how politically-connected these banks are, the stimulus bill that was just passed by the U.S. Senate and is expected to go for a House vote today, contains relief from a new accounting measure that would have forced these banks to take proper loan loss reserves. The measure is called Current Expected Credit Losses or CECL (pronounced Cecil) and Wall Street-funded members of Congress have been arguing against its enactment for months in hearings.

The West Needs to Wake Up to China’s Duplicity | Gatestone Institute :: Articles | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

  • In an article in Xinhua, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces, Beijing threatened to halt pharmaceutical exports, after which America would be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus… — Yanzhong Huang, senior fellow for global health, Council on Foreign Relations, Twitter, March 4, 2020.
  • China’s leaders are probably hoping that you cannot challenge a powerhouse that is selling you most of your vital medications.
  • “Hidden behind declarations of solidarity, China plans to buy out our troubled companies and infrastructure” — Bild, March 19, 2020.

Spain returns to China unreliable coronavirus test kits also purchased by Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org

The Chinese Embassy in Spain issued a statement saying that Shenzhen Shengzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology was not licensed to sell its products and that the company was not on the “approved supplier list” that China had provided to Spain.

Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology said it would replace some test kits. According to the company, the wrong results may be the result of unsuccessful sampling or misuse of kits. The company said it had not sufficiently explained to the customers how to use the kits.

Howard County businesses ordered to stop selling “non-essential” items | WTTV CBS4Indy

On Friday, March 27, the Howard County Board of Commissioners passed a new ordinance ordering any stores that are still open to place signs where non-essential items are stating they can not be purchased.

All businesses are being instructed to follow the new directive no later than noon on Saturday, March 28.

The Board is deeming the following goods or departments non-essential:

  • Jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Home & Lawn Decor
  • Toys or Games
  • Carpet, Rugs, Flooring
  • Non-emergency appliances
  • Music, Books, Magazines
  • Craft & Art supplies
  • Paint
  • Entertainment Electronics

All non-essential businesses have already been shut down due to Governor Eric Holcomb’s stay-at-home order, but these new restrictions go a step further indicating residents would not be able to purchase any of the items the county considers non-essential.

Queensland coronavirus measures to include on-the-spot fines and more telehealth appointments – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Self-quarantine rules will not be observed by many communities. Current Australia is not the same Australia of WW2. The whole society has drastically changed.

The only method of quarantine is to isolate returners, immediately stamp their both hands with the words “Self Isolation” using Slow fading Ink, then tag them with apps on their smart phones. Escapers from isolation may have to be shot with police taser guns and then with army riffles! (

Queensland will expand its
telehealth system and crack down on people flouting self-isolation orders in a bid to keep coronavirus patients at home, the State Government says.

Queensland police said the community should expect an increased number of officers
checking on people under public health directions and taking action against those who did not comply.

They warned those who failed to abide by quarantine directions would face
penalties of up to $13,345 for individuals and $66,672.50 for corporations.

In a statement, they said that included people “deliberately flouting self-isolation directions, holding unlawful mass gatherings or
conducting non-essential business”.

Victoria has also imposed penalties for those breaching social distancing rules.

Masks Can’t Stop CCP Virus in US, but Hysteria Has Led to Bulk-Buying, Price-Gouging and Serious Fear for the Future – NATION AND STATE

In fact, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams warns that face masks might actually increase your risk of infection if they aren’t worn properly.

But medical workers who treat patients with the virus do need them. And, the CDC says, it’s crucial that those supplies don’t run out.

The top-selling mask product, a 100-pack of Universal 4533 sanitary dust masks, started selling at $8. The price eventually rose over $200, Helium 10 said.

And even at that price, the product is selling. Or it was—it’s out of stock as of Friday.

… Christina, who lives near San Jose, California, is an “overseas resource” to her nine immediate family members in Hong Kong…

She ordered 1,800 face masks for $222—”pretty good price”—from Staples in January. A few days later, her sister in Hong Kong called—friends in the United States had had their orders canceled. A few days later, Christina’s order was canceled, too.

… Christina placed orders with five other companies. All of them were eventually canceled or back-ordered. She eventually gave up on online shopping.

“I visited so many stores,” she told CNN. “Walmart, Rite-Aid, Target, even grocery stores and dollar stores. Every place was sold out.”

Over two days, she visited 15 stores and found just one box of 20 masks. So she started getting to stores early. She’d stand outside in
line for 30 minutes or more ahead of opening, when she knew stores were restocking their inventory. In January, she was usually the first in
line. But now that it’s nearly March, the lines are longer and supplies are dwindling.

MIND GAMES: ‘Covid-19’, Propaganda & Manipulation – By Thierry Meyssan | RIELPOLITIK

The French “reference daily” (sic) Le Monde, Facebook France and the French Ministry of Health undertook to censor a video of Professor Didier Raoult, one of the world’s most renowned infectiologists, because by announcing the existence of a proven drug in China against Covid-19, he highlighted the lack of a medical basis for the measures taken by President Macron [6].

Presentation by Professor Didier Raoult to the General Assembly of the University Hospitals of Marseille, March 16, 2020.
It is too early to say what real goal the Conte and Macron governments are pursuing. The only thing that is certain is that it is not a question of fighting Covid-19.