Understanding Foreign Trading with China (Beware of strangers bearing gifts)

Understanding Foreign Trading with China (Beware of strangers bearing gifts)

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Understanding Foreign Trading with China (Beware of strangers bearing gifts)

1. The purpose of Foreign Trading by China.

China is subscribing to the concept of [1], and only use Foreign Trading as a mean to prise open other nations, to provide itself with opportunities to invade.

Learning from reference [2] which is essentially a summary of the writing in [3], we can see typical unfolding of events. They happened two thousand years ago but still can reappear now.

First Han (China) wanted to apply the method of to relieve pressure from its strongest neighbour Xiongnu,

“The Han court dispatched Zhang Qian, a military officer who was familiar with the Xiongnu, to the Western Regions in 138 BC … to make contact and build an alliance with the Yuezhi against the Xiongnu.
Zhang Qian returned in 125 BC with detailed news for the Emperor, showing that sophisticated civilizations existed to the West, with which China could advantageously develop relations. ” [2].

Figure: Dayuan, from Wikipedia, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dayuan, File:Ta-YuanMap.jpg licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Dayuan were not interested in neither war nor alliance with China, so China only wanted to trade with Dayuan while preying on Dayuan:

“The Shiji relates that “the Emperor learned of the Dayuan (大宛), Daxia (大夏), Anxi (安息), and the others, all great states rich in unusual products whose people cultivated the land and made their living in much the same way as the Chinese. All these states, he was told, were militarily weak and prized Han goods and wealth”.”[2].

But Dayuan had some NOT-FOR-EXPORT items and Dayuan was weak so China wanted them:

“After being released from captivity by Xiongnu, Zhang Qian visited Dayuan, located in the Fergana region west of the Tarim Basin. The people of Dayuan were being portrayed as sophisticated urban dwellers similar to the Parthians and the Bactrians.
“Dayuan lies southwest of the territory of the Xiongnu, some 10,000 li (5,000 kilometers) directly west of China. The people are settled on the land, plowing the fields and growing rice and wheat. They also make wine out of grapes. The people live in houses in fortified cities, there being some seventy or more cities of various sizes in the region. The population numbers several hundred thousand” (Shiji, 123, Zhang Qian quote, trans. Burton Watson).
Zhang reported the famous tall and powerful “blood-sweating” Ferghana horse. The refusal by Dayuan to offer these horses to Emperor Wu of Han resulted in two punitive campaigns launched by the Han Dynasty to acquire these horses by force.”[2].

So Dayuan had not been wary of strangers bearing gifts and it had been punished !

2. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” is a well known phrase from George_Santayana). [5]

Currently there are many countries trying to have their chance to trade with China (The Silk Road project [6], [7],[8]). Probably, they have not learnt from the past. The following statement written some 2000 years ago is still appropriately applicable to them: All these states,… , were militarily weak and prized Han goods and wealth [2].

3. Conclusions.

1. Present China still hold Han China as its model empire. The future of those weak countries trying to trade with China does not look good.
2. Foreign trading is a dangerous double sided sword and cannot be left unregulated.


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  9. Nice post Tony … The part about China trading to invade makes a lot of sense … As you are probably aware US is in debt to China for a huge amount of money and each quarter under Obama they struggled to make the interest repayment … In fact on two occasions they missed it entirely …. This of course is payback time for all the years they were treated like third rate citizens over their cheap goods and not being on the world stage … Many years ago a business friend of mine said beware of the yellow man …. They want to rule the world …

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    • China is still having their Stone Age mentality. Western Leftards advocated against their One Chuld policy. So now they have an ever expanding population and they justify their behavior with that !

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      • Totally agree … They are building a city in one day … But cannot fill them with people who can afford the rents … The poor on the Yangtze got hounded out of shanty towns after living by the now polluted yellow river for many years and the land was used to build tower blocks … They are now over extended at central banks … Reaping what they have sown ..

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