Was New Year night chosen to have Sirius highest at midnight?

Was New Year night chosen to have Sirius highest at midnight?

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Was New Year night chosen to have Sirius highest at midnight?

When looking at the dates of the brightest stars, we cannot overlook the fact that the brightest star Sirius is highest on the Midnight of January 1st.

The question is was that the reason why January 1st was chosen on that date?

This question invites our thinking on ancient astronomy and time keeping.

The brightest stars and their dates are given in the following two figures.

Equatorial Stars2

Figure: Stars in tropical zone for beginners (Tropical zone). Click to enlarge figure.

Bright Stars 20 Plus 2

Figure 2: Table of 20 brightest +2 stars in order of appearance.


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[2]. tonytran2015, Finding North and time by stars in the tropics, survivaltricks.wordpress.com, https://survivaltricks.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/finding-north-and-time-by-stars-in-the-tropics/, posted on May 25, 2016


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radio sony

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Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses.

At present time, False Flag Operations have become not rare. When authorities calling for witnesses after a terror attack, the good citizens have the tendency to help but they may bring harm onto themselves if the attack were actually organized by the authorities (Killing witness is then a possibility).

When a false flag attack is carried out by an authority, anyone with revealing evidence may get silenced or killed and respondents to calls for witnesses may bring harms to themselves.


1. Recognizing signs of false flag operations.


a/ The operation may be a False Flag one when authority UNREASONABLY requires any witness to provide his identity, address, when handing in video clips, photos. (While people handing in weapons during amnesty have not been required to supply names and addresses!).

b/ The attack may be false flag operations when there are many interest groups trying to place blame on their opponents.

c/ People in position of authority may be bought or influenced by any of those groups.


After the car ramming of pedestrians on Flinder Street of Melbourne before 2017 Christmas, Victoria Police of Australia asked people to submit evidence IN PERSON.

“Police are asking any witnesses to go to the Melbourne West Police Station at 313 Spencer Street” [1].

This is a sign for suspecting a False Flag Operation.

After Las Vegas shooting in 2017, most witnesses disappeared. After many months, there are still no convicing detailed reconstruction of crime scene. This is a sign for suspecting a False Flag Operation.

The attack on USS Liberty ship may not like having witnesses.


2. A better way to submit evidence.


a/ The witness should may many copies of evidence.
b/ Send one copy to an oversea destination and ask people there to post it anonymously on the internet. Someone will bring it to the attention of the intended recipient.

c/ Send other copies to other oversea destinations if the first copy has been withdrawn from the internet.

d/ Alternatively, connect your smartphone to a live streaming network and pretend not to know of any call for witnesses.


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[7]. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident

Added after 13 Jan 2018:

[8]. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-strange-fate-of-those-who-saw-jfk-shot/5625931

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[14]. https://disturbeddeputy.wordpress.com/2018/10/27/wouldnt-doubt-it/

[15]. https://counterinformation.wordpress.com/2018/11/16/trump-quietly-orders-elimination-of-assange/

[16]. Agent Investigating Clinton Foundation Kills Himself On Dance Floor! https://vikinglifeblog.wordpress.com/2019/07/23/agent-investigating-clinton-foundation-kills-himself-on-dance-floor/

The FBI asked everyone to delete all recordings of the event. This give FBI a monopoly on the event:

When “truth” is monopolized by the authority, it ceases to be truth. The event is almost a staged play.

[17]. Remembering the Attack on USS LIBERTY – Station HYPO https://stationhypo.com/2019/06/08/10689/

On June 8 1967, the USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) was attacked in international water by Israeli forces killing 34 Americans and wounding another 171. Seven out of every 10 crew members was either killed or injured.

Timeline of Events:
June 8, 1967, Israeli forces attack the USS Liberty. They kill 34 American servicemen, wounding 171 others. It will be the highest casualty rate ever inflicted on a U.S. naval vessel, with 7 out of every 10 crew members killed or injured. It will also be the only peacetime attack on a U.S. naval vessel that, to this day, the Congress of the United States of America formally refuses to investigate. The facts, as known, are as follow:
24 May 1967. U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) orders USSLiberty, an intelligence-gathering vessel, to depart Abidjan for eastern Mediterranean, via Rota, Spain.
1 June 1967. Commanded by Capt. William McGonagle, Liberty arrives at Rota to load technical support material and supplies.
2 June 1967. Liberty departs Rota at top speed of 18 knots en route to a point 13 miles off the Gaza Strip, well within international waters.
5 June 1967, 7:45 (all times cited are local Liberty time). Israel attacks Egypt, simultaneously putting out false reports that Egypt had attacked first. Captain McGonagle asks Vice Admiral William Martin at Sixth Fleet headquarters to send a destroyer as an armed escort and auxiliary communication center, noting that Liberty’s “self-defense capability limited to four .50 caliber machine guns and small arms.”
6 June 1967. Admiral Martin replies “Liberty is clearly marked United States ship in international waters, not a participant in the conflict and not a reasonable subject for attack by any nation . . . Request for escort denied.”
7 June 1967, shortly before midnight. Office of the U.S. Defense Attaché in Tel Aviv sends coded message to U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that Israel intends to attack theLiberty if her course is not changed.
8 June 1967:
0030: U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Joint Reconnaissance Center (JRC) orders Liberty to go from 12½ to 20 nautical miles off coast. An error by the U.S. Army Communications Center at the Pentagon results in message never reaching the ship.
0130: JRC orders Liberty to approach no closer than 100 miles to the coasts of Egypt and Israel. Due to misrouting it will take 16½ hours for message to reach Liberty.
0600: Israeli Nord 2501 Noratlas (flying boxcar) reconnoiters Liberty.
0603: Reconnaissance aircraft reports to Israeli naval headquarters that “GTR-5” is written on the ship, identifying it as an NSA intelligence vessel.
0720: Fresh American flag is raised.
0900: Jet aircraft approaches Liberty, then veers off towards Gaza. Liberty crewmen unable to identify markings.
1000: Two unmarked, rocket-armed, delta-winged jets circle Liberty three times. Liberty officers can count rockets and see the pilots, but see no identifying marks on the plane. The jets radio Israeli headquarters that the ship is flying an American flag.
1030: Israeli “flying boxcar” with Israeli markings circles Liberty at about 200 feet. Crew member Larry Weaver says, “I was actually able to wave to the co-pilot, a fellow on the right-hand side of the plane. He waved back, and actually smiled at me.”
1055: Pinchas Pinchasy, naval liaison officer at Israeli air force headquarters, reports to Naval Headquarters that the ship cruising slowly off El Arish is “an electromagnetic audio-surveillance ship of the U.S. Navy, named Liberty, whose marking was GTR-5.”
1100 & 1130: Israeli reconnaissance aircraft again circle Liberty.
1205: Three Israeli motor torpedo boats leave Ashdod at high speed headed toward Liberty. They are followed by Israeli air force fighters, loaded with 30mm cannon ammunition, rockets, and napalm.
1215 & 1245: Israeli reconnaissance aircraft again circle Liberty.
1341: Israeli torpedo boats spot Liberty and call for an immediate air strike.
1358: Two unmarked delta-winged Mirage jets attack Liberty. After taking out gun mounts, they target ship’s antennae and bridge with heat-seeking missiles.
1405: Three unmarked Dassault Mystère IIIC jets attack with napalm and rockets. Ship tries to contact Sixth Fleet headquarters, but five of Liberty’s six shore circuits are jammed. Radio operator manages to send distress signal from Captain McGonagle: “Under attack by unidentified jet aircraft, require immediate assistance.” Attack lasts approximately 22 minutes, involving 30 to 35 sorties, killing nine men and wounding around 60. Israeli pilot reports to base: “Great, wonderful, she’s burning, she’s burning.”
1409: Captain Joe Tully of the USS Saratoga acknowledges call for help, dispatches four F-4 Phantom jets, and informs Liberty that help is on the way. Within minutes U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara orders rescue jets to return: “Tell Sixth Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately.” Rear Admiral Geis relays message and tells them to re-launch jets in 90 minutes.
1424: Three French-built 62-ton Israeli motor torpedo boats approach Liberty in attack formation. Because the Israeli fighters had destroyed the American flag, Captain McGonagle orders the signalman to hoist the “holiday ensign,” the largest flag the ship has.
1435: Torpedo boats launch five German-made 19-inch torpedoes at Liberty. One torpedo strikes starboard directly into NSA area, accounting for 25 of the 34 men who would be killed. Torpedo boats then circle, machine-gunning the ship with armor-piercing projectiles for another 40 minutes.
1450: Commander of Sixth Fleet orders carriers USS America and USS Saratoga to send aircraft to defend Liberty.
1500: NSA Sigint Command Center receives first notice of the attack from either the America or Saratoga: “USS Liberty has been reportedly torpedoed by unknown source in Med near 32N 33E. Request examine all communications for possible reaction/reflections and report accordingly.”
1505: Message sent to Liberty from Sixth Fleet: “Sending aircraft to cover you. Surface units on the way.” Liberty is off the air and does not receive the message.
1511: First “official” notice that Liberty is under attack reaches National Military Command Center in Washington.
1515: After the order to “prepare to abandon ship” comes over the loudspeaker system, the lifeboats are lowered into the water. Israeli torpedo boats move in closer and fire on them, as well as those still on deck, making them all unusable. “I watched with horror as the floating life rafts were riddled with holes,” recalled Lieutenant Lloyd Painter, in charge of the evacuation. Said Petty Officer Rowley, who also witnessed the event: “They didn’t want anyone to live.” After destroying the life rafts, the Israeli boats departed. Next, two Israeli SA-321 Super Frelon Hornet assault helicopters carrying soldiers in battle dress circle ship several times, then depart.
1520: Commander of Sixth Fleet announces that 12 aircraft will be launched at 1545 to arrive nearLiberty at 1715.
1532: Walt Rostow, President Johnson’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, notifies the president of the attack.
1536: Israeli torpedo boats return, then leave.
1545: USS Saragota and America launch second rescue flights.
1555: Liberty regains its transmitter; still has no receiver.
1600: Liberty transmits: “Flash, flash, flash. I pass in the blind. We are under attack by aircraft and high-speed surface craft.” Deputy Director Louis Tordella is informed by Deputy Director of Joint Reconnaissance Center, Captain Vineyard, that “consideration was then being given by some unnamed Washington authorities to sink theLiberty in order that newspaper men would be unable to photograph her and thus inflame public opinion against the Israelis.” Tordella makes an “impolite” comment about the idea, writes a memo of the conversation for the record, and stores it away.
1605: Liberty transmits: “Request immediate assistance. Torpedo hit starboard side.”
1614: American embassy relays Israeli apology to White House, Department of State, and Sixth Fleet that an unidentified “maybe Navy” ship has been erroneously attacked.
1615: Two unidentified jets approach Liberty, then veer off.
1630: Israeli jets and three torpedo boats return, offer assistance. Captain McGonagle refuses their help. Boats leave after 12 minutes.
1639: Secretary of Defense McNamara again orders rescue planes recalled; order is confirmed by President Johnson because “we are not going to embarrass an ally.” Naval Air Attaché at U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv, Commander Ernest Castle, is summoned to Israeli Defense Forces headquarters.
1717: Deputy Secretary of Defense orders that all news releases on attack are to be made in Washington. Soon after, Israeli helicopter approaches Liberty and requests permission to land. McGonagle refuses. Helicopter departs.
1729: Rear Admiral Lawrence Geis, commander of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean, protests decision to recall rescue planes to Secretary of Defense McNamara. At that point President Johnson comes on the phone and says he didn’t care if the ship sunk, he would not embarrass his allies. Admiral Geis tells Lt. Commander David Lewis, head of the Liberty’s NSA group, of the remark, but asks him not to repeat it until after he dies. It is a promise Lewis will honor.
1915: Captain McGonagle, wounded and exhausted, dictates first report on estimated casualties: 10 dead; 15 severely wounded; 75 total wounded; undetermined missing. His estimates would prove low.
9 June 1967:
After midnight: Soviet guided missile destroyer sends flashing-light message in English: “Do you need help?” Liberty responds: “No thank you.” Soviets answer: “I will stand by in case you need me.”
0600: USS Navy destroyers Davis and Massey arrive.
Mid-morning: Dead and wounded are evacuated by helicopter.
1450: Israeli Lt. Col. Michael Bloch telephones Commander Castle that Liberty, because it was not flying a flag, had been mistaken for the Egyptian supply ship El Queseir. State Department assures Congress that attack was accidental.
10 June 1967: Vice Admiral McCain orders Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd to convene Navy Court of Inquiry.
11 June 1967: Admiral Kidd boards Liberty with small staff to head Navy Court of Inquiry.
14 June 1967: Liberty arrives in Malta. Total news blackout imposed. Rear Admiral Kidd warns crew: “You are never, repeat never, to discuss this with anyone, not even your wives. If you do, you will be court-martialed and will end your lives in prison or worse.” Secretary of Defense McNamara informs media that, “Department of Defense will have no further comment.”
15 June 1967: Secretary of State Dean Rusk tells NATO ambassadors in Luxembourg that Israel’s attack was deliberate. His remark is reported in European, but not U.S. papers.
18 June 1967: Israeli Court of Inquiry exonerates Israeli government and all those involved, saying that its torpedo boats erroneously reported the Liberty’s speed at 30 knots instead of 5, and that the Liberty flew no flag and had no identifying markings. Later, Israel will honor Motor Torpedo Boat 203, the one that fired the deadly torpedo at the Liberty, by putting its wheel and bell on display in its naval museum, among those maritime items of which it is most proud.
July 1967: Shortly after the burial of six Liberty crewmen in Arlington National Cemetery, a monument is erected describing the six as having “Died in the Eastern Mediterranean.” Libertysurvivors complain that the marking is evasive and improper.
September 1967: State Department legal adviser Carl Salans finds many discrepancies with the Israeli report. His report is classified Top Secret.
11 June 1968: Captain McGonagle is awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Medal, usually presented by the President of the United States at the White House, is presented by the Secretary of the Navy during a hastily arranged ceremony at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, the Chief of Naval Operations, calls the way the Medal is presented a back-handed slap. “Everyone else received their medal at the White House,” Moorer will later observe. “President Johnson must have been concerned about the reaction of the Israeli lobby.”
1980: National Security Agency Director Marshall Carter tells investigative author James Bamford that, regarding the attack on the Liberty, “There was no other answer than that it was deliberate.”
1981: National Security Agency review, “Attack on a Sigint Collector, the USS Liberty Incident,” rejects the Israeli Court of Inquiry’s “mistake” theory and accuses Israeli fighter pilots and torpedo boat crewmen and commanders of perjury.
1982: Israeli senior lead pilot approaches former Congressman Pete McCloskey and admits that he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He said he refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.
6 October 1982: A new headstone for the six Liberty crew members at Arlington National Cemetery is unveiled. This one reads: “Killed USS Liberty June 8, 1967.”
1986: Lt. Commander Walter H. Jacobsen writes in Naval Law Review: “To speculate on the motives of an attack group that uses unmarked planes and deprives helpless survivors of life rafts raises disturbing possibilities, including the one that the Liberty crew was not meant to survive the attack…”
6 November 1991: Columnists Evans and Novak publish interview with Dwight Porter, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon in 1967, in which Porter says that during or immediately after the attack on the Liberty the CIA station chief showed him transcripts of intercepted Israeli messages. One has Israel ordering the attack on the Liberty, another has an Israeli pilot replying it’s an American ship. When the order to attack is repeated, the pilot insists he can see the American flag. The pilot is told again: “Attack it.”
8 June 1997: Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, appointed Chief of Naval Operations shortly after the attack on the Liberty, tells a reunion of survivors: “I have to conclude that it was Israel’s intent to sink the Liberty and leave as few survivors as possible. Israel knew perfectly well that the ship was American.”
November 1998: Captain McGonagle breaks his long silence: “After many years I finally believe that the attack was deliberate. I don’t think there has been an adequate investigation of the incident . . . The flag was flying prior to the attack…” McGonagle will die four months later, on March 3, 1999.

[18]. A State Secret: The Closest the US Ever Came to a Nuclear Confrontation: June 8, 1967 – LewRockwell, https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/06/phillip-f-nelson/a-state-secret-the-closest-the-u-s-ever-came-to-a-nuclear-confrontation-june-8-1967/

The documented facts (at least by the BBC and Al Jazeera, since no American MSM source ever investigated it) are that at 8:45 a.m. EDT (2:45 p.m. off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula) on June 8, 1967 two A-4 bomber aircraft loaded with nuclear bombs were dispatched from the aircraft carrier USS America, bound for Cairo with orders to drop those bombs on that city.[1]
It came on the fourth day of the Six-Day War between Israel and three of her neighbor states: Egypt, Syria and Jordan (the trio was known as the United Arab Republic – U.A.R., for their defense pact). It was a war that had been planned for months, provoked and started by Israel but falsely blamed on Egypt. That war is still celebrated in Israel for how it resulted in expanding its borders; a sub-operation, to be examined below – the attack on the USS Liberty, which Israel had no real motive or reason to conduct – had been inserted by President Johnson for his own muddled political reasons.
But it backfired on him when the Liberty did not sink, a “miracle” some say, only possible through Devine Intervention. Johnson’s outrageous actions might have resulted in his impeachment had he not initiated the broadest, most effective cover-up of his presidency; indeed, it was arguably the largest, most enduring cover-up of all time, as evidenced by the fact that most Americans have still never even heard of it, nor the fact that a major nuclear conflagration with the U.S.S.R. – the “Soviet Union” (now known as merely as “Russia”), was likely aborted with only a few minutes to spare. At the last minute – with the A-4 bombers flying over Egyptian territory, probably shaken into his senses by his aides and SECDEF McNamara frantically urging him to do so – President Johnson finally cancelled the attack.

… The difference is that this outrageously brazen incident, due to the stricter military secrecy protocols put into place, still remains an “official secret,” thus largely unknown to a public that is now so disinterested in all of it that the myths may live on forever. Those others – i.e., the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK (etc.) – have been force-opened sufficiently to essentially disprove forever the “official stories” (myths), at least within the minds of those who have studied them closely. The remaining deconstruction of the primary one (JFK’s assassination), might coincide with the release of all remaining government secrets, has now been rescheduled by President Trump for April, 26, 2021. (He had made a number of statements before the original disclosure date (October 26, 2017) that he fully intended to open the files and therefore the last-minute delay must be assumed to be a temporary one).


[1] Hounam, Peter, and John Simpson. Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III.
Chatham, Kent, UK: Mackays of Chatham, Ltd., 2003, pp. 181-82. (Also
see the BBC video “Dead in the Water” available on Youtube).

According to Mike Ratigan, who served on board that carrier as a
center-deck catapult operator responsible for maintaining the catapult
in working order. He remembered the call to general quarters (battle
stations) in the early afternoon of June 8, 1967, later learning that this was due to the attack on the Liberty. The A-4 bombers were each fitted with two bombs having a gold-colored tip, a type that he had never seen before: “I’d never seen that particular type of ordnance, and as we had gone into Condition November (notice of imminent nuclear war)
subsequent to being in general quarters, it was definitely not a drill.
Marine guards were escorting the A-4, and that was a very unusual
experience. I’d never seen anything like that in the four years that I was in the Navy as a Cat operator.”

[19]. “USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOH1XMAwZA.

[20]. The Liberty Story Is A Microcosm To A Much Bigger Middle East Problem | Write Before Midnight, https://minutestomidnight.blog/2020/06/08/remember-the-uss-liberty/

Yes, America, the crew of the USS Liberty has been abandoned. During the attack, after hearing our need for rescue, the Sixth Fleet launched aircraft only to be recalled, initially by McNamara and then by President Johnson. Ironically, since the Israeli attacking aircraft were unmarked, we did not know who was attacking us at that time and, therefore, neither did the Sixth Fleet. It could have been the Soviets. Not knowing the attackers were Israeli, Rear Admiral Raymond Geis, commander of the Sixth Fleet, challenged the order. However, LBJ, knowing it was the Israelis, stated, “I don’t care if the ship sinks, I will not have my ally embarrassed.”

The Navy Court of Inquiry turned out to be fraudulent, as indicated by Captain Ward Boston, Jr of the Navy Inquiry legal counsel in a sworn 2004 affidavit. With sworn crews’ testimony under oath removed from the Inquiry Report, it indicated the attack was accidental
and made no mention of the War Crimes committed. What the hell? Whatever happened to the Uniform Code of Military Justice? Our conclusion is that 288 sailors, 3 marines, and 3 NSA civilians were
denied justice by interference from the White House – That is judicial interference at the highest level. When do our 34 deceased shipmates and their families receive justice? Does it matter?

Hear us, America, as our Congress has not and will not investigate this attack even though our Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, mandates and I quote, “the House of Representative shall define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations.” They have done so for every attack except one – the USS Liberty. The second arm of our tripartite form of
government – Congress – is collectively hiding under their desks, and that includes Senators Rubio and Nelson. Why? I have to wonder if AIPAC has control over most of Congress.

In seeking justice in 2005 (with the Israeli machine-gunning of our life rafts and shooting at our stretcher bearers in mind – both cited Geneva War Crimes), the USS Liberty Veterans Association filed a formal War Crimes Report to the Pentagon. With our official request in hand, they refused to look into our claim whatsoever because the aforementioned Navy Court of Inquiry had completed the formal investigation, and a new investigation was not needed. But wait aminute. The Pentagon had to know that the Liberty crew were eyewitnesses to the crimes. Following up on our War Crime would not be a good thing for the Israelis. Are you getting the picture?

America, when the Liberty crew recites the Pledge of Allegiance, when do we receive “liberty and justice for all”? What about our civil rights?

Now this is very important; please take note. Since our truthful claim that the attack was deliberate and the power structure claims otherwise, we are then labeled bigots, anti-Semitic, evil, mean-spirited, and conspiracy theorists. To capture some of the events that we have endured, I was so upset, I authored a book entitled, Liberty Injustices: A Survivor’s Account of American Bigotry. If you want additional information, please read my book. It is available atAmazon.com. If you are not angry after listening to me, you should well be after reading my book. Food for thought: How far will the U.S. Government go to place Israel before its own citizenry?

We thus suffer embarrassment and condemnations. As a recent example, in my town of Palm Coast, Florida, I cannot have a 6 by 11-inchplaque honoring the Liberty placed in our Heroes Memorial Park becauseof their bigotry toward the USS Liberty. Our town administrator stated that a segment of our citizens would be offended, as it states “attackedby Israel.” As a combat veteran, I must assume their rights are better than mine. Then, I had to endure their bitterness and comment simplying I was a troublemaker. Voltaire stated: To learn who rulesover you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

The Liberty crew was awarded 1 Medal of Honor, 2 Navy crosses, 12 Silver stars, 26 Bronze Stars, 208 Purple Hearts, the Presidential Unit
Citation, and more. The USS Liberty is the most decorated navy ship for a single engagement, and we are diminished and curtailed by the
power structure from giving the USS Liberty the proper place and prestige warranted to this high honor in history. To wit: Our Skipper, Captain William McGonagle, received the Medal of Honor – not from LBJ, but at a low-level ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard from the Navy
Secretary. Press were not invited.

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Dried sweet fruits as energy food


Dried sweet fruits as energy food

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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#dried, #sweet, #fruit, #longans, #banana, #survival, #food,

Dried sweet fruits as energy food.

In general, any sweet fruit can be dried by the Sun and kept as an emergency energy food supply. Dried sweet fruits may also be used as components of food for survival (similarly to chocolate bars).

Many sweet fruits can be dried and kept in this way. They include bananas, longans, jack fruits, apricots, persimons, plums.

1. Advantage of naturally dried fruits.

a/ Dried fruits have practically no water content and is resistant to spoiling by mould.

b/ Dried fruits can be preserved at ambient temperature for a long time.

c. Concentrated sugar inhibits cell growth and bacterial growth. Dried sweet fruits can be preserved at ambient temperature for an even long time.

d. Well prepared dried sweet fruits which are properly kept in refrigerators  can be easily preserved for more than 10 years.

e/ The same fruits may be dried to different extents for totally different market requirements.

Example: Roll pressed bananas may be dried to a dark colour but still in pliable state for consumption in less than a year. They may be dried even further until becoming crunchy and can be preserved for more than a year.

f/ Naturally dried sweet fruit contains NO PRESERVATIVE, is less objectionable to health food enthusiasts.

2. Traditional method of drying fruits by sunlight.

a/ In tropical countries like Vietnam sweet fruits are just peeled and may be additionally cut or pressed into thin slices and placed on aerated plates.

b/ The aerated plates are placed on hot tin (or tiled) roofs every day from 9am to 3pm for about 14 days.

c/ The drying is completed when the fruits or fruit slices reach their individual required dryness.

d/ The drying of plates of fruits needs someone’s watching. The watcher keeps away birds, flies and ants. 

3. Improved method of drying fruits by sunlight. 

Fruit drying operators may place aerated trays of fruits in aerated enclosed glass boxes under sunlight.

This keeps birds, flies and ants out. 

4. Industrial method of drying fruits.

The fruits are placed inside a vacuum vessel and water eveporate from it. 

5. Roughshod methods of drying fruits.

a/ Fruit trays are placed on hot, black bitumen surface of paved roads. This method has been practiced in Vietnam. The dried fruits are then dirty and may have sands small gravels sticking to their surfaces.

b/ Fruits are placed in wire baskets in the hot  exhaust streams of the tractors or the transport trucks. There are rumours that the method may have been practiced in China. The dried fruits then have smoky smells and are contaminated with heavy metals from the exhaust streams.

6. Eating dried fruits.

Figure: Longan Fruits

Figure: Dried longans packed, wrapped and packed in paper box. This box was bought in year 2002.

The Vietnamese name for longans is “long nhãn” (long= dragon, nhãn= eye, long nhãn= eyes of dragons}.

Figure: Boiled longans. The longans come straight from the paper box bought in 2002 in the previous figure, having been kept in a refrigerator for 15 years.

a/ Some can be eaten without further preparation (roll pressed bananas, dried banana).

b/ Some are best boiled before eating (dried longans).

c/ AVOID eating any dried fruits prepared by roughshod methods.

d/ You must clean your teeth thouroughly after eating dried SWEET fruits, they have high sugar contents. They may cause TOOTH DECAY.


1. Warning on lead and heavy metals contamination of some imported dried fruits may be only the tips of some bigger icebergs.

2. Smoky smell of a dried fruit may be the sign that it had been dried by hot exhaust streams from tractors.

3. Sand and gravel contamination is the sign that the dried fruits had been dried on a road surface.

7. Where to find dried fruits.

Dried fruits may be found in Specialty Asian Foodstores.

The small pack of dried longans in the first figure may cost around 2AUD.



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South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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(Blog No.99).

#South Africa,

South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

Figure: South African war vetrans participating in ANZAC march on 2018 April 25 in Melbourne.

There are a lot to be learnt from the history of Sourh Africa. The recent history of the country started with the colonialization by White settlers and continues to the present.

South Africa was among few Nuclear Powers in the 1970 [1]. It was among the 6 countries (USA, UK, Canafa. Australia, New Zealand, Sourh Africa) with mutual defence cooperation. Sourh Africa has participated in a number of international activities, including joining the UN force in South Korea.

Currently, South Africa is only known for being a beautiful country and it is only in the middle in the ranking of countries in the World [2]. It currently has a draught of living water and also faces a risk of famine.

The rise and fall of such a country should be a lesson to the policy makers of other countries.


[1]. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Africa_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction

[2]. https://www.brandsouthafrica.com/investments-immigration/business/economy/globalsurveys
Added after 2018 Mar 20:
[3]. https://vikinglifeblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/20/boer-project-south-africa-a-reversed-apartheid/

[4]. https://vikinglifeblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/25/south-africa-2/

[5]. https://sbuadvocate.com/2018/04/12/south-africa-land-expropriation/

Added after 2018 November 12:

[6]. https://vikinglifeblog.wordpress.com/2018/11/13/south-africa-first-black-bank-collapses-after-being-looted-by-owners/

[7]. http://tapnewswire.com/2017/03/70000-whites-murdered-in-modern-south-africa-obamas-african-legacy/

[8]. https://ukgovernmentwatch.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/70000-whites-murdered-in-modern-south-africa-obamas-legacy/

[9]. https://wiseafri.com/2019/08/28/south-africa-is-close-to-junk-status-from-all-three-rating-agencies-what-could-follow/



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Climbing onto your own roof


Climbing onto your own roof

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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(Blog No.98).

#roof climbing, #house repairs,

Climbing onto your own roof.

During a recession, the cost of periodic roof inspections may be high for you. If your house is a single-storey one and its roof is neither steep nor slippery then you may be able to climb onto it to carry out the inspections yourself. This will save you money and will also save you from scams on unnecessary repairs carried out by dishonest tradesmen.

This blog shows the essential safety points in getting onto your own roof.

1. Suitable footwear.

You need shoes with non-slip soft rubber soles.
2. Secure setup of the ladder.

Your climbing ladder must be securely set up.

The ladder should be inclined at the slope of 4 up 1 across. Its top must rest against a firm surface, its base must be on firm ground to stop it from tipping over.

The ladder may additionally need ropes tying it down at 45° to ground pegs on both sides to stop its top from sliding sideways and tipping over.

The top rung of the ladder should be nearly level to the roof surface you intend to climb onto. The two rails of the ladder should be higher than the roof top so that you can hold onto them to get onto or down from the roof top.

3. Safety line from a high point of the roof.
To avoid accidental falling to the ground you need a safety line tied from a high point of the roof to your body.

The other end of the safety line must be tied to a higher point of the roof.

A taut rope thrown across the horizontal ridge line and tied to a heavy sand bag on the ground on the other side of the roof may serve as a safety rope.

To lay such a safety rope, you may need to first throw a ball of feed line across the ridge then use the so laid feed line to pull up the safety rope.

4. Safe climbing onto your roof.
With the above 3 conditions satisfied, you may safely climb onto the non-steep, non-slippery roof of your single storey house.

Make sure that the safety rope has little slack, is strong enough to hold twice your weight and your roof is non-steep, non-slippery, then you can climb onto it.

If necessary, move on your roof with all your two hands and two feet. This will spread your weight evenly and effectively prevent slips.

When you have got onto the roof, stick to the load bearing lines of your roof. The load bearing lines are along the nail lines of metal sheet roofs or along the horizontal toes lines of European terracotta tile roofs.


Some roofs (such as brittle tile roofs, thin plastic roofs, glass roofs) have NO LOAD BEARING LINES AT ALL and you must have specialist equipment to safely access them.

A valuable comment by  (https://brittius.wordpress.com/)):

Makes good points. In my younger years, I walked rooftops of structural fire buildings, and there’s more to it. The mattress feeling under your feet. Foreign matter on the roof that can cause slipping. Sub-roof structurally compromised, and collapse under your bodyweight, and I have seen firefighters fall through more than once. There’s a lot to it.



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Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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(Blog No.97).

#Strongman rescueing a beauty, #Foreign Affairs, #Kurd, #Islamic State.

Understanding the plays set-up by pretenders heroes/rescuers.

When a crook wants to befriend a naive person he may stage a false robbery scene so that he would be able to suddenly (“just happened to come by fate”) appear as a rightous hero to rescue the victim (“Strongman rescueing a beauty”). With such impression, he will successfully befriend his victim. From then on he can easily carry out his scam against his victim.

Such staging is well known in most Asian cultures and been widely disseminated in Asian literatures and plays. Prudent people always keep their awareness of such possibilities in their minds.
However, the trick still can trap naive people and can even trap few nations!

1. Application to coups and counter-coups.

A foreign power may stage a coup against the leader of a country. The same foreign power then intervene with the coup to safely bring the losing leader out of the country.
Later on the foreign power may reinstall the leader and gain his total trust.

The coup against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran [2] may be of this type.

The power struggle between Khmer Rouge and the late Cambodian Crowned Prince Sihanook in 1976 [1] may also be of this type.

2. Applications to belligerent nations.

Country A and country B have been against each other. A much stronger country C befriends both. Country C secretly arms country B to gain superiority over country A. When the war between B and A occurs and country B nearly vanquishes country A, country C unexpectedly jumps in to mediate. Thereafter, C becomes the benefactor of A, A may become a satellite vassal state of C.

Iraq, Peshmerga Kurd, Iran-US in 1975 [2] may have been a setup.

Iraq, Islamic State Daesh, USA in 2017 [3] may have been another setup.


[1]. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norodom_Sihanouk

[2]. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Reza_Pahlavi

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Added after 2017 Dec 10th:

[4]. https://brittius.wordpress.com/2017/12/10/u-s-f-22-tried-to-prevent-russian-warplanes-from-bombing-daesh-in-euphrates-valley/

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[8]. https://crayfisher.wordpress.com/2017/12/30/stay-out-of-persia/

[9[. https://riseuptimes.org/2017/07/06/color-revolution-comes-home/

[10]. https://www.blacklistednews.com/Declassified_documents_of_the_1953_CIA-orchestrated_coup_that_ousted_the_democratically-elected_leader_of_Iran/62747/0/38/38/Y/M.html

The Phajaan may last for weeks and these poor animals will have no rest from physical torture and mental domination… Gradually, their spirits break and their handlers achieve the control they seek. The mahouts will not be the ones abusing the elephants, instead, they will come in and “save” them by offering them their first meal, and by taking them away from their crate and chains. Just another form of manipulation.

[11]. https://wediditourway.com/2018/05/11/the-best-place-to-see-elephants-in-thailand-ethical-ecotravel/



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