South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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South Africa, a lesson to be learnt.

Figure: South African war vetrans participating in ANZAC march on 2018 April 25 in Melbourne.

There are a lot to be learnt from the history of Sourh Africa. The recent history of the country started with the colonialization by White settlers and continues to the present.

South Africa was among few Nuclear Powers in the 1970 [1]. It was among the 6 countries (USA, UK, Canafa. Australia, New Zealand, Sourh Africa) with mutual defence cooperation. Sourh Africa has participated in a number of international activities, including joining the UN force in South Korea.

Currently, South Africa is only known for being a beautiful country and it is only in the middle in the ranking of countries in the World [2]. It currently has a draught of living water and also faces a risk of famine.

The rise and fall of such a country should be a lesson to the policy makers of other countries.



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