Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses.

At present time, False Flag Operations have become not rare. When authorities calling for witnesses after a terror attack, the good citizens have the tendency to help but they may bring harm onto themselves if the attack were actually organized by the authorities (Killing witness is then a possibility).

When a false flag attack is carried out by an authority, anyone with revealing evidence may get silenced or killed and respondents to calls for witnesses may bring harms to themselves.

1. Recognizing signs of false flag operations.

a/ The operation may be a False Flag one when authority UNREASONABLY requires any witness to provide his identity, address, when handing in video clips, photos. (While people handing in weapons during amnesty have not been required to supply names and addresses!).

b/ The attack may be false flag operations when there are many interest groups trying to place blame on their opponents.

c/ People in position of authority may be bought or influenced by any of those groups.


After the car ramming of pedestrians on Flinder Street of Melbourne before 2017 Christmas, Victoria Police of Australia asked people to submit evidence IN PERSON.

“Police are asking any witnesses to go to the Melbourne West Police Station at 313 Spencer Street” [1].

This is a sign for suspecting a False Flag Operation.

After Las Vegas shooting in 2017, most witnesses disappeared. After many months, there are still no convicing detailed reconstruction of crime scene. This is a sign for suspecting a False Flag Operation.

The attack on USS Liberty ship may not like having witnesses.

2. A better way to submit evidence.

a/ The witness should may many copies of evidence.
b/ Send one copy to an oversea destination and ask people there to post it anonymously on the internet. Someone will bring it to the attention of the intended recipient.

c/ Send other copies to other oversea destinations if the first copy has been withdrawn from the internet.

d/ Alternatively, connect your smartphone to a live streaming network and pretend not to know of any call for witnesses.


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The FBI asked everyone to delete all recordings of the event. This give FBI a monopoly on the event:

When “truth” is monopolized by the authority, it ceases to be truth. The event is almost a staged play.

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