Authentic Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs or Barbecue Pork (Mì Sườn Heo hay Xá Xíu Chánh Gốc)


Authentic Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs or Barbecue Pork (Mì Sườn Heo hay Xá Xíu Chánh Gốc).

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Authentic Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs or Barbecue Pork (Mì Sườn Heo hay Xá Xíu Chánh Gốc).

We are lucky to learn from Mr. Mach Van Cuong an AUTHENTIC recipes for making Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs (Mì Sườn Heo) and Noodle Soup with Barbecue Pork (Mì Thịt Heo Xá Xíu). Mr Cuong is a food connoisseur who wants to preserve and disseminate Oriental knowledge. Oriental recipes have usually been closely guarded as family secrets.

Mr Cuong had been working for his parents’ business in various types of activities (importing and exporting of electronic parts, jewelers tools, and herbal food supplies). He enjoys applying traditional herbal knowledge.

Figure: Mr Mach Van Cuong who teaches the Authentic Recipes presented here .

Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs or Barbecue Pork (Mì Sườn Heo hay Xá Xíu Chánh Gốc) originated from Cantonese recipes. Either of them is a delicious, tasty, nutritious, non-odored dish and is well liked in Saigon. They are basic ordinary noodle soup dishes from which many variations such as Noodle Soup with egg pasta Wrapped Minced Prawns (Mi Xui Cao), Noodle Soup with Prawns and Pork (Mì Tôm Thịt), Noodle Soup with Sea Food (Mì Đồ Biẻn) are built upon.

(Mì=Noodle Soup, Thịt=Meat, Sườn=Ribs, Heo=Pig, Xá=??, Xíu=Roasted)

Non-odored dish means a dish that does not make your body have its aroma (smell) after eating.

1. Noodle soup with Pork Ribs.

Figure: Noodle Soup with Barbecue Pork, (Mì Xá Xíu) in 300 ml bowl with its barbecue pork on a separate dish ss served from a Vietnamese restaurant in Australia. A cloudy broth indicates the high probability that it may have been made by a traditional method.

Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs (Mì Sườn Heo), Noodle Soup with Barbecue Pork (Mì Xá Xíu Thịt Heo) and Noodle Soup with Prawns and Pork (Mì Tôm Thịt) are often served with an accompanying Fried Prawn Pancake.


1. A nutritious, healthy dish may become a harmful dish if the traditional recipies are not observed.

2. Cooks using unauthentic recipes may put mono-sodium glutamate in the dish. The traditional recipes has no such modern ingredient

2. Authentic Recipes for Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs.

1. Marinate 100g of pork ribs in oyster sauce.

2. Fry the marinated pork ribs in hot oil, with added chopped green spring onion, until cooked (its outside becomes hard and brown).

3. Stew the fried pork ribs in boiling water, with some added chopped green spring onions, fried slices of spring onions for 15 minutes,

4. Take the pork ribs out of the stew. After the pork ribs have been taken out, the broth is then used in the next step.

5. Make a soup broth by adding water to the broth of the previous step and bring it to boil in a big pot for more than 15 minutes with leg bones of pork, dried prawns, dried squids and a kind of dried fish for making soup supplied by Vietnamese or Chinese (Asian) grocery stores (Khô Cá Lẹp, in Vietnamese).

6. Separately boil about 200ml of water. Dip 50g of egg noodle into this boiling water for 20 seconds. The noodle is now cooked and softened. Take the noodle out of boiling water and immediately wash it with cold water to stop noodle lengths from sticking together. A restaurant cook may boil egg noodle by dipping it in the pot of boiling broth for 10 seconds using a wire ladle.

7. Cut the stewed fried pork ribs and place it on top of a bowl containing boiled egg noodle and the broth.

8. Add one or two lettuce leaves, some chopped green chives and some boiled mung bean sprouts to the bowl.

9. A (non-essential) fried prawn pancake may be added to the top of the bowl.

10. The bowl is ready to be served. Each eater may add soy sauce, red vinegar, ground pepper, sliced hot chilly to his individual bowl to suit his taste.

In authentic recipes for this dish, there is no premixing of pepper or chilly to force their consumption.

11. Small amounts of usual common ingredients can be added. They include chopped green chives (Hẹ) and fried slices of spring onion (Hành Lá).

3. Noodle soup with Barbecue Pork (Mì Xá Xíu).

1. Buy 100g of barbecue pork from a Chinese “Roast Pork, Barbecue Pork, Roast Ducks” kitchen or restaurant.

2. Cut it into thin slices of 2mm (3/32 inch) thick.

3. Jump to step 5 of Authentic recipe for Noodle Soup with Pork Ribs.

Additional types of Noodle Soups.

Figure: Noodle soup with egg pasta wrapped minced prawns (Mì Xủi Cảo) which is similarly prepared. The ingredients in this photo reveal the recipe.

Figure: So called “Noodle Soup with Prawns, and Pork”, (Mì Tôm Thịt) in 300 ml bowl with its small bowl of soup broth served from a Vietnamese restaurant in Australia. Various ingredients are simply added into the bowl. This is only partially similar to an authentic Noodle Soup with Pork. A transparent broth indicates that it may have been made by dissolving mono-sodium glutamate in water!

The broth in the figure for Noodle Soup with Prawns, and Pork is too transparent. This is a sign that it may have been non-authentically prepared by simply dissolving mono-sodium glutamate in water! I found that I had suffered the MSG syndromes after eating it.

4. Ingredients.

Pork ribs or ready made barbecue pork.

Bones of pork legs.

Dried prawns, dried squids.

Dried fish for making soup (Khô Cá Lẹp in Vietnamese) supplied by Vietnamese and Chinese grocery stores.

Green chives (Hẹ in Vietnamese) and crispy fried slices of spring onions (Hành Lá in Vietnamese).

Tiny pieces of crispy fried lard.

Lettuce leaves.

Mung bean sprouts.

NO mono-sodium glutamate.

NO borax.


1. Cooks using non-authentic recipes may put in a lot of monosodium glutamate to fool customers. Traditional, authentic recipes have no such modern ingredient.

In the short term, mono-sodium glutamate may cause extreme headache, throat congestion, prolong thirst and swelling of your ankles and feet. Do NOT eat any non-authentic dish prepared with such ingredient.

2. Do NOT eat any dish if you suspect that it has been prepared using borax.

Borax is banned as a food ingredient. Borax is mainly used as a Welding Flux (for goldsmith welding and for industrial brazing using Acetylene-Oxygen Gas Torches), in Photo-chemistry (as a Stopper Solution), in Pest Control (the mixture of Borax and Icing Sugar is an Ant Poison). Its Vietnamese name is Hàn The (Hàn=for welding, The=sour taste).

5. Where to find it.

It is a common favorite dish (costing 30000VND =$2.00 US in 2017) in Vietnam (in Saigon). In Australia, it cost $12 AU.

I don’t know how much it would cost in a Vietnamese restaurant outside Vietnam. It may cost you $6.00 US (?).




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