Mass immigration causes the death spiral for Western culture

Mass immigration causes the death spiral for Western culture

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Mass immigration causes the death spiral for Western culture.

1. Mass Immigration bring in features of unsuccessful cultures.

People immigrate into rich countries to leave behind their bad countries. Mass immigration is the movement of many people into a host country such that immigrant population overtakes the long established population.

We have to admit that there are good cultures and bad cultures. Good cultures make their nations prosper, bad cultures impoverish their nations.

There are a number of undeniably true quotes

1. Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite) by Joseph de Maistre. (Correspondance diplomatique, tome 2. Paris : Michel Lévy frères libraires éditeurs, 1860, p.196.) [3]

2. States are as the men, they grow out of human characters by Plato
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3. A culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women. This quote is attributed to the late Mary McLeod Bethune.

The problem is that mass immigration brings people from unsuccessful countries (the failures of these people were mostly caused by their own bad cultures and they deserve to have their bad governments) into successful countries (whose successes were mostly propelled by their good cultures). The upsetting feature of mass immigration is that the bad cultures from poor countries are not required to be left behind by the immigrants but are allowed to be imported into the successful countries under the name of “diversity”.

Leftists worship diversity while many original populations such as in Hungary, Czech, Slovakia protested against it [2].

Worse than that, mass immigrants may talk among themselves that the host country owe them something and has a duty to accept them and provide for them!

Again, we have to learn from Joseph de Maistre:

3. False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing (Joseph de Maistre) [3].

2. Social examples.

a. Australia was a rich country with self-respecting people until 1970’s. There were very few people claiming social welfare benefits. Around 1978, the Federal Government had to run TV add telling people to apply for social benefits if they entered hardship and entitled to the benefits.

After mass immigration programs, the population increased from around 10 million in 1975 to 22 millions in 2017. However, there are now problems with a high proportion of people claiming benefits they are not entitled to. Fraudulent claims on Social Welfare benefits is a current problem for Australia [1].

b. There are many local governments in Australia. Those local governments with very small number of immigrants retains most of their original features and keep on operating efficiently while local governments with high proportion of immigrants imported the questionable features of foreign countries.

Footscray Council of Victoria has high proportion of immigrants, it now has sky high annual Council rates relative to the useful services it provides and most of its actions are now questionable.

The following is some of my first hand observation of its operation:

Maribyrnong (Footscray) Council has non-transparent hire out of “student study rooms” in its Library (in 2005).

Maribyrnong (Footscray) Councilors had made junk oversea trips to Vietnam (using tax money collected by the Council) to propose its (unsuccessful) sisterhood to Ho-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam in 1995 !

Maribyrnong Council just keep re-planting and cutting down trees on kerb sides around its Library. Trees have no chance to reach maturity to be useful and tax money is wasted.

Maribyrnong required K-mart Supermarket to build for it a multilevel car-park to avoid car parking problems. Few years later, in 2003, it changed the car parks into block of apartments, creating even worse parking problem.

Maribyrnong Council constantly remodels and digs up its shopping Mall (Nicholson St) disrupting business and wasting tax money.

3. The death spiral of Western culture.

a. Leftists propose mass immigration into a rich country.

b. New immigrants vote for leftists to return the favor. New immigrants bring with them their “old cultures” under the name of diversity and are subsidized by the rich country.

c. Leftists are returned to their elected positions and bring in ever more immigrants who are to be subsidized by the rich country.

d. The positive feed back reinforces each of the three steps over time, until the host country becomes an image of the impoverished countries from which the immigrants ran away.





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Either follow this path A:

1. Give them refuge out of pity.
2. Answer their call for equality out of self-guilt promoted by lefties.
3. Grant them equality.
4. Yourself become a minority while they become a majority in your own land.
5. They will mercilessly impose their laws on you.
6. No refuge for yourself and your own clan.

or this path B:
1. Give them refuge out of pity.
2. Ask them to go back to their own land before a specified time.
3. They have to fix the problems in their own land by themselves, no one else can do it for them (Their tree of liberty has to be cultivated with their own sweat and blood.).




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