Stop discrimination between dogs, a humorous appeal

Stop discrimination between dogs, a humorous appeal

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Stop discrimination between dogs, a humorous appeal.

A time will come for Lefties to demand equal representations for various Races of Dogs (dog breeds)s.

1. All dogs are of one single specie.

It is irrefutable that all races of dogs can be interbred. They are thus of the same specie and should enjoy equal treatments by humans.

2. Current well-known entrenched discriminations.

Discriminations have been carried out by humans against various breeds of dogs.

a. There are only grey hounds on race tracks. There are not enough chihuahuas.

b. There are only German shepherds, pit bull terriers working as guard dogs. There are not enough chihuahua.

c. There are only sheep dogs working as sheep dogs. There are not enough chihuahua.

d. There are currently only labradors working as guide dogs. There are not enough grey hounds, pit bull terriers and chihuahuas employed as guide dogs.

e. Rich female humans only carry chihuahuas in their lady bags. They should be educated to carry grey hounds, pit bull terriers in their bags.

3. Discrimination based on colours.

White dogs are always used in advertisements promoting detergents and cleanliness. Black dogs are underrepresented.

There are disproportionately higher numbers of black dogs assigned to the dangerous task of night guarding and night patrol.

4. Genocidal plans to exterminate some races of dogs.

In Australia, the government is trying to exterminate Dingo (domestic dogs go feral, being abandoned in the wild by earlier settlers thousands of years ago?, or being washed over from Indonesia by some enormous South Pacific tsunami?).

The government also bans the breeding of aggressive (media stereotyped) dogs such as pit bull terriers.

Diversity is required. Homogeneous population leads to poorer survival chances of the specie in hard time.

5. Discriminatory racist reporting by main stream media.

After any attack on humans, the media is always quick to point out that the dog is a dingo, a pit bull terrier… This kind of reporting is racist and is not Politically Correct.

Animal rights activists should ask for a ban on the stereotyping reporting on dog attacks.


6. Appeal to lefties.

This is an appeal to lefties to take action against the entrenched discrimination against many races of dogs.



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