Well planned consensual Genocide of White

Well planned consensual Genocide of White.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Well planned consensual Genocide of White.

Rarely have any creatures consented to their own culling. White race is an exception. The race was at its peak after the Industrial Revolution, spreading out to all corners of the globe to modernize the lifestyle of locals. Then come WW1 and WW2 that made that race look invincible with nuclear powers, space technology and then suddenly came its own destruction. Yes the demise of White is a consensual business the approval by the leaders of almost every White nation.

Studying the unfolding imminent extinction of White race may simplify the study of the sudden disappearance of Egyptian, Inca, Mayan Civilizations in the past.

1. A well planned course of action against White.

The following plan has to be meticuloously executed in this exact order by any group who wants to carry out consensual Genocide against White:

a. Make White believe that they can be the images of their God, they should be told that their God is forgiving.

(White race had been hard working and successful with their Industrial Revolution.

They think that they can be the image of their God.)

b. Make White believe that they can be the images of their God, They should be told that their God requires them to sacrifice themselves for the common good. (Yes, they can be persuaded to do this [1]).

c. Hijack the languages of White people. Have the exclusive rights to print and publish their dictionary and language text books. They don’t care who owns the right to define their languages. Distort and convolute their languages so that they cannot even call a spade by its name [2].

Example: Semitic means all descendants of Sam, including both Jews and Arabs. But whenever a White argue against a Jew on behalf of an Arab, he is called anti-Semitic! In this way he will be confused and may drop dead.

d. Silence them by vilifying type-casting them. If they argue against mass immigration, call them xenophobe and racist. In communist countries silence them by calling them reactionary.

e. Own all their mass media, traditional or on the internet. Carry out invisible censorship by ownership to suit this plan.

g. Make them apathetic to their own rulers by making voting non-compulsory, allowing elected office holders and voters with multiple or dual citizenships.

h. Separate them from their rulers by requiring astronomical expenses to contest elected positions. Award elected office holders with extravagant benefits so that they get corrupted and get addicted to astronomically expensive election campaigns provided by their “sponsors’ ” “donnations”. (The boundary between campaigning donations and briberies is never clearly defined).

i. If necessary, disarm them while militarizing their police forces so that they cannot rebel against their oppressive rulers.

k. Declare and assign their GUILT for being successful and rich in their countries while the rest of the World (not under their control anyway) is messy. (Never let them know that their wealth may have come from the hard works of their ancestors).

l. From their designated guilt, require them to allow unlimited immigration. Negotiate to have a common ground position of allowing mass immigration for all people with no historic relation to them [3].

m. Use the self-serving Immigrants-Migration Industry-Congress/Parliament Complex [4] to drive for more immigration to overpopulate them [5,6].

n. Once they are over-populated [6b], their fate follows that of White South-Africans [7].

o. Immigrants occupying previously White populated countries will have no connection to the countries. They will play the role of useful idiots and can be easily dealt with.

2. Current progress of the plan.

The plan is currently going well, reaching step l with only some nuisance resistance in USA from its Pres. Donald Trump (with his Border Wall with Mexico) and from its National Rifle Association (with their grips till death on their guns), in Britain (with its Brexit) and in Hungary from its Pres. Victor Orban.

Plan practictioners should thank German Chancellor A. Merkel for her special contribution [8,9] as well as the Scandinavian EU countries for their enthusiatic support to A. Merkel [10,11], especially Sweden’s effort to melt down any dug up historic Viking artifacts in its land [12,13].


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18 thoughts on “Well planned consensual Genocide of White

  1. “Plan practictioners should thank A. Merkel for her special contribution as well as the Scandinavian EU countries for their enthusiatic support to A. Merkel and their effort to melt down any dug up pre-historic Viking artifacts in their lands.”

    I don`t think, Denmark is as enthusiatic about A. Merkel as Sweden. I haven’t heard about melting Viking artifacts in Denmark, yet. Denmark is usually 5-10 years (or more) after USA, UK, Sweden etc. in s-ithole development.


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