The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 7: Providers of invented inefficient service from tax money.

The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 7: Providers of invented inefficient service from tax money.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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In third world and Asian countries there are parasites feeding on corruption which is blatant and widespread.

For examples, if you enter Cambodia from Vietnam at the border check point of Moc Bai – Bravet, you always get asked for $5USD tip to the uniformed Cambodian Lieutenant Visa Issuer. The Western World call such demands corruption.

In the Western World, there is no blatant corruption, but only elaborately wrapped non-corruption (or otherwise!).

Any government in the world obtains its money from taxes imposed on its citizens. The citizens have the herd mentality and are often unconcerned that their money may be in the wrong hands. This sets the scene for parasites to come in and suck the communal treasure. Here we will use examples drawn on Australian experience but the same thing can be said for most English speaking white nations.

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 7: Providers of invented useless service from tax money.

1. Easily seen parasitic feeding at local government level:

The local governments are tasked with three basic R’s:

a. Collecting the least possible amounts of rates from residents.

b. to manage weekly collection of rubbish.

c. Maintain and operate local roads, footpath, parks, primary schools, local libraries.

It is simple like that but local governments still manage to bring in some parasitic feedings.


Near to Footscray shopping mall (currently belonging to the Maribyrnong Council), Nicholson St (between Barkly Street and Byron Street), the pavements are CONSTANTLY dug up and remodeled since 1990.It must have been a gold mine for the contractors.

Traffic directions in Nicholson Street (between Irving Street and Paisley Street) had been switched from bi-directional to unidirectional in one way then unidirectional in the opposite way, yet, the designer never made up his mind. Trees are dug up and new tree replanted on the other side of the street, then again…

Trees around Footscray library (along Paisley Street and French Street) have been removed, replanted until they get to almost 3m tall, then removed (1995) then replanted with another type of trees. Continual replacement of trees around the library is now a feature of Footscray.

Library in Paisley Street, had been built with no regard for maintenance, its decorative skeleton is exposed to weather !

Library Group Study rooms are not for student groups to use but for connected people to blatantly abuse (October 2004), with those friends (?) of the Chief of Library overstaying their booking slots BY HOURS, spoiling the time tables of groups booking the following time slots.

The City of Maribyrnong in Melbourne allows private contractors to door knock residents and offer to replace any 2 of their filament light bulbs FOR FREE. The contractors are then paid by the Council about $100 AUD (nearly $70 USD) for that 10 minute work. It happened in Kent Street, West Footscray, Maribyrnong Council. 2012.

Council such as Brimbanks also tried to over-manage local stores by its (unsuccessful) attempt at requiring shops to have uniform shutter doors!

That is where Council Rate has been spent or misspent.

Currently Councils in Victoria spent 45% of rates on salaries! Their staff number increases and their Executive Officers receives higher salaries than State Premier.

THE cost of council workforces across Melbourne and Geelong have blown out by more than $500 million in the past five years. [1]

State Government of Victoria supervise all councils in Victoria and from time to time, the State government had to sack dysfunctional Councils [2,3,4,5]

2. Hidden parasitic feeding at local government level:

Local Councils now embarks on non-essential, non-beneficial work:

Advertisement for LGBT on referendum on LGBT rights.

Running City sisterhood with oversea cities.

Councilors going on oversea study trips. What is there to study while they still have not properly done their basic jobs efficiently? The cost for all local service is ways out of proportion to actual benefits.


The ratepayers of Moreland will be astonished to learn that the council is considering spending their hard-earned dollars in support of Russian punk protest band Pussy Riot [6].

VICTORIAN councils are under fire for splashing ratepayers’ money on overseas “junkets” instead of focusing on local issues: La Trobe City council in Gippsland will spend $21,000 to send Mayor Darrell White and others to Japan and China in April. [7].

3. Easily seen parasitic feeding at a State government level.

A state government in Australia collect its revenues from distributed GST, Land Sale Tax and is tasked with building and operating intercity highways, ports, airports, lands . They have to supervise the Local Governments. But they also manage to waste States’ money.


State of Victoria will set up a website for households to check their electricity pricing. Each visitor will get AUD 50 ($50) when visiting it! The following is a quote from the website [8]:

“To be eligible for a $50 Power Saving Bonus, use this tool between 1 July and 31 December 2018. There will only be one Power Saving Bonus per household.
Welcome to Victorian Energy Compare
An independent Victorian Government energy price comparison site. To get the most out of this tool, you need a recent energy bill or smart meter data file.” [8]

To study the way to set up a high speed rail link from Melbourne to Geelong may cost the State 50 million dollars in Consultant fees [9]. How much money will be left for actual work? Why don’t they use University think tanks instead of private consultants?

State of Victoria has sold out the management rights of its Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, to freely spend that money. Now private owners are now charging (the highest fees in the World?) for using the airport on car parking ($15 per 30 minutes), using baggage trolleys ($2 each use). While a return air ticket to Vietnam may cost only $280, taxi fares to airport average about $40, car-parking fees at airport cost $14/hour. It is very expensive [10].

In the short-stay car park, a 24-hour stay will set a traveler back $56, while people using credit cards to pay for their parking will be liable for a 2 per cent credit card surcharge. [11].

Currently State of Victoria is planning to give $500 million to a private organization AFL to build their stadium. AFL is currently a sport organization of Australia,

“Victoria will pour nearly $500 million into its AFL grounds, with almost half the cash going to a makeover of Etihad Stadium and millions for women’s football.

In a $225 million deal with the AFL, the grand final will stay at the MCG until at least 2057, while Etihad Stadium and its surrounding precinct will be upgraded [12].”

However, there is nothing to prevent AFL to dissolve itself in the future and distribute its capital among its members, in the same way as AMP, National Mutual, MLC, Colonial Mutual, NRMA have done in the 1990’s. The dissolution of non-profit organizations created huge cash from the sky for their then current members at the expense of expectation by former members and past concessions received from tax payers over decades [13,14].

4. Easily seen parasitic feeding at Federal government level.

The welfare system is an obvious place for cheats to dip into tax money. The government allow “chain migration” which places into the population more and more welfare net recipients. Some of them later on engaged in welfare cheats [15, 16, 17, 18, 19]. They set up their own self-serving industries like:

a- Interpreter (Translation) service for the whole lifetime of each immigrant.

b- Medical service where migrants used for certifying administrative papers! A visit to the doctor cost the government $70. The actual purpose of the visit is to ask the doctor to certify their papers. They are too lazy to go to a Police Office or a municipal council office for certification. Immigrant doctors are abnormally much richer than native white doctors in similar circumstances.

Non-migrant manipulators also manage to suck the system with child care centers [20].

Ceiling Insulation by Rudd’s government in 2009, and its Green Energy policy promoting costly Solar panels, depleting Australian treasury surplus also deserve investigation [21, 22, 23, 24].

5. Conclusions.

Every citizen has to be vigilant and report to the Government any cheating he can see. Only by doing so he can avoid being a tax donkey provider for those cheats. Citizenry must also actively participate in politics to prevent leftists from turning the tax money into honey pots for corrupt politicians [25, 26].

It is also now a question whether people with no net contribution to the economy should be allowed to hold elected office?


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Frauds against public housing program



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