Countries with dual citizenship rules may be internally torn apart.

Countries with dual citizenship rules may be internally torn apart.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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A citizen of any nation (country) should be loyal to only that country. Dual citizenship is a perverted invention for betrayal of countries. Many rich countries now adopt the rules for dual and multiple citizenship. In theory, any country with dual citizenship rules may be internally torn apart.

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Countries with dual citizenship rules may be internally torn apart.

1. Dual citizenship rules.

There are a number of countries allowing their citizens to also have additional citizenship without losing their existing citizenship [1].

This can lead to the following hypothetical case where a nation having citizens with dual citizenship can be internally torn apart.

2. A country with dual citizenship rules may be torn apart.

We consider here a simple hypothetical case.

a. Nation A has 200M citizens of which 101M are also citizens of nation Z.

b. All 101M citizens of A having citizenship with Z vote to give all national wealth and heritage of nation A to nation Z.

c. After giving all its wealth to nation Z, nation A finally goes bankrupt.

d. All 101M citizens of A with dual citizenship from Z now move to nation Z and takes up residence there.

e. All 99M citizens of A without dual citizenship from Z cannot move to nation Z and have to stay inside nation A to pay up the debt.

Essentially, the people with dual citizenship have betrayed their nation A and enrich themselves at the expense of nation A.

3. Current situation in the World.

Currently many English speaking countries allow for dual citizenship, many even allow people with dual citizenship to hold elected office of President/(Prime Minister) and of Legislative/Parliament.

Australia has recently allowed dual citizenship and currently there has been proposal to allow people with dual citizenship to even stand for elected office of Parliament.

4. Strategy for counter-measures.

When a nation has adopted rules for dual citizenship, the above nasty hypothetical case may happen. Its citizens should demand abolition of dual citizenship.

Failing that every citizen of nation A must suppose that nation A will soon reach its own demise and everyone has to select and obtain for himself a dual citizenship with some other nation and then consider himself only a National In Name Only of nation A. The wealth and the heritage of nation A is then the spoil for final distribution to other surviving nations.

Notes to commenters.

This is a sensitive issues to many countries. Only comments on theoretical aspects are accepted. Comments mentioning names of races or ethnic groups will not be accepted.



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(” The United States (unlike many other nations) does not require that you prove that you have renounced your other citizenships before it will allow you to naturalize, nor does it place any obligation on you to do so after naturalization. The US naturalization oath does require you to “renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity” to any other nation, but US law does not care if this renunciation of allegiance and fidelity is effective in causing you to renounce your claim to citizenship in any other country or not. As long as you meet the requirements in US law to qualify for naturalization and actually subscribe the oath, you become a US citizen, whether or not you are a citizen of any other country and whether or not that other country permits you to become a US citizen. ”

(” Supreme Court case Afroyim v. Rusk involved a Polish born US naturalized citizen being stripped of his US citizenship because he voted in the Israeli elections. The Supreme Court argued that Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment gave the Plaintiff the right to keep his citizenship.

Due to this, many treaties and laws that took away citizenship were found to be unenforceable.

Funny fact though: ”



(“While Israelis may hold dual citizenship, a Basic Law passed in 1958 states that Knesset members cannot pledge allegiance as parliamentarians unless their foreign citizenship has been revoked under the laws of that country.”)


Added after 2018 September 15:

[20]., (“If today [1997] we give in to demands for dual citizenship, we would soon have four, five, or six million Turks in Germany, instead of three million – Chancellor Helmut Kohl, in 1997.”)

[21]., March 29, 2013, (“Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has refused calls from Turkish and other immigrant communities to allow dual citizenship. Many immigrants are reluctant to apply for German citizenship because they want to hold on to their original nationality.”)


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