North Korea is NOT a proxy province of China

North Korea is NOT a proxy province of China.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The West should not damage the chance for the creation an independent, united Korea.

Western policy makers are usually arrogant while they are actually deadly ignorant of political thinking outside of their own countries.

”The DPRK is a proxy province of China.” is a terrible assessment error by the West. Actually N.Korea and China may fight to their deaths if China invades N.K.

a. N. K. has always placed its army along its border with China to prevent any sudden invasion (like has been done to Tibet) [2-13].

b. Kim Jong Un had executed Jang Song Thaek, the husband of his aunt, partially because the man is suspected of planning to use Chinese support to take the throne [14-19].

c. From S.K. intelligence, the Institute for training N.K. officials used to have banners stating that China is NOT a friend to N.K.

With astute Foreign Affairs policies from the West, an independent, United Korea may arrive in East Asia. Otherwise there may remain satellites like “Communist East Germany, Eastern Europe” in East Asia, economically supported and united by a new COMECON that is the One Silk Route.


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10 thoughts on “North Korea is NOT a proxy province of China

  1. China`s rise to power, seems to be 100% the fault of the West. For reasons that I will never understand.
    If we only look at Germany, then it seems to have been a very good idea to re-unite.
    I believe, that the same goes for Korea.

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    • To me, it is principally the West who romaticizes the rise of China as an oppressed dragon. They have not learnt Chinese history. They thought that Chinese Dragon is a cute puppy!
      When I was young, I had to read, many times over, the translated Chinese stories for the entertainment of one of my grand mothers. So I know that China is NOT what the West had been lied to and led to believe. But lies can be repeated until the listeners believe in them, and this has occrured.

      So I have seen that for Eastern histories, naturally I had to suspect that similar kind of things also happens in Europe and the Middle East. My quest then gave me a very straightforward answer to why America got into and out of the Vietnam war.

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      • I believe, that you are right about China. It is like giving a loaded gun to a monkey.
        There is no logic to making them so powerful.

        Just look for one minut at this:


        • I am more convinced that some of ((them)) have decided to sell US secrets to China for money.

          Let us consider:
          1. How can all US war head designs got loaded into a laptop computer and it was “lost”? It is impossible for that sequence to happen.
          2. How can the Patriot missiles be sent to Israel then their design secrets be obtained by China shortly afterward?

          So much are there for American patriotism!

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