Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!

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Comment by tonytran2015:

Do you like this dog? said the store keeper.
Yes, said the unwary tourist.
Do you like it boiled, stir fried or roasted?
The tourist became terribly surprised !


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3 thoughts on “Yulin Dog Meat Festival CONTINUES!!!

  1. Last week, I was watching a food program on television, and there was someone who shot coyote and brought it to people to cook in NYC. They said it needs to be twice boiled in a lime solution to get the fat and acids out, and tenderize the meat, then the meat can be cooked. Coyote, yields approximately 25 pounds of meat or more.
    Sounds nice until politicians get involved, as they did in NYS, and the governor stopped feral hog hunting because someone said there were parasites in hogs, but cooked, no issues. It is known as a “screamer” effect, of the less bold people.

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    • I had a farmer friend and he said he never eats pork because of the parasites he always sees in wild hogs.
      For wild animals, you have to cook them well. Politicians want to protect the ignorants from their own!
      We know the tricks and we can survive without politicians.

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