Vietnamese Buddhism has been strongly against eating dogs.

Vietnamese Buddhism has been strongly against eating dogs.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The full moon of the 7th East Asian Lunar month (That is the full Moon closest to 22nd of August) is the date for East Asian Buddhist people to go to pagodas to pray for their parents.

In the many religious stories for recital by these Buddhist people, there is a story of “Mục Liên Thanh Đề” carrying a stern warning against eating dog meat:

Once there was a lady named Thanh Đề. One of her misdeed was to feed the monks with dog meat [1].

“Thanh Đề was the mother of Mục Kiền Liên (also called Mục Liên). She was greedy, evil, not believing in the Three Jewels of Buddhism (Tam Bao in Vietnamese), committed serious sins, sowing so many “bad seeds” (of the theory of Karma). Therefore when she died she had to harvest the “fruits of her misdeed”,and was banished to hell, becoming a detainee of hell, suffering constant hunger and thirst.

On the other hand, Mục Kiền Liên has become one of the ten great disciples of the Buddha, who is preeminent with possessing miracles. One day Mục Kiền Liên used his newly attained miracle ability of observing the whole world and suddenly found his mother was constantly suffering hunger and various forms of torture in hell. He decided to offer rice to his mother. Since the misdeed in the past still lingered on, when his mother put rice into her mouth, the rice suddenly became hot charcoal, she had no rice to eat.” [2]





Phù Sai… viết một bức thư, buộc vào mũi tên, bắn vào thành Việt: “Tôi nghe giảo thỏ chết thì chó săn tất bị mổ, địch quốc đã diệt thì mưu thần cũng chẳng còn. Sao quan Đại Phu không lưu cho nước Ngô tôi còn lại một chút để làm cái dư địa sau này”.


Phạm lãi … Một thời gian sau đó, ông mới viết một lá thư gửi cho Văn chủng, đại ý nói sau khi chim muông bị bắn hết rồi thì cung nỏ bị cất hết vào kho; Sau khi thỏ hoang bị săn bắt hết rồi thì chó săn bị mổ ăn thịt. Hiện nay kẻ thù của nước Việt đã bị tiêu diệt, các đại thần có công người thì bị ruồng bỏ, kẻ bị bức hại.









[11]. Vietnamese capital Hanoi asks people not to eat dog meat,



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