Diverse methods of transforming free men into addicts.

Diverse methods of transforming free men into addicts.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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There are always people who want to make others their slaves. They do it by making them addicted to some of their products. The methods are diverse but they share some common recognizable traits which are described below.

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Diverse methods of transforming free men into addicts.

1. Common traits of methods of turning free men into addicts:

a- They create some some insignificant benefits from their commodity.
b- They herd people into taking, enjoying those “free” benefits.
c- They create a fashion, a fad that makes it look odd, undesirable not to have their commodity.
d- Once many people have been using their commodity, they increase its price.
e- After having heaps of money from the previous step they will start allying with powerful groups either to illegally entrench or to legally lobby to make laws to entrench their position.

2. Examples with opioids, tobaccos, alcohols and pharmaceutical industries.

The dealers of illegal drug ally with the underworld while the sellers of addictive drugs make laws to protect their profits.

The operation of these industries are already well known, we don’t need to discuss here.

3. The gambling industries.

Illegal casinos ally with the underworld while legal ones with often local, irresponsible, cash hungry local governments. The higher (usually federal) governments have to pick up the costs for fixing social problems created by gambling allowed by local governments.

a- Gambling gives winner a “high”, a sense of possessing god given luck.
b- Gambling industries herd people into taking, enjoying those “high”.
c- Gambling industries create a fashion, a fad that makes it look old fashioned, odd, undesirable not to gamble.
d- Once many people have been into gambling, the gambling houses increase their takes.
e- After having heaps of money from the previous step they will start allying with powerful groups either to illegally entrench or to legally lobby to make laws to entrench their position: News papers, radios, TV presenters will not talk about gambling problems. Gambling industries now even call themselves “gaming industries” in order to remove the taint on gambling industries. Note that “gaming industries” should be reserved for the electronic industries making video games.

Gambling addicts have become slaves to the gambling industries.

4. The plastic card debt industries.

Yes, spending only for emotional benefit (buying on impulse without any financial analysis) is addictive. Plastic card users are now the victims of plastic card issuers.

The card issuers promoted their cards as a secure risk-free replacement for cash, a cash flow smoothing tool. Now their prices are crippling their victims.

Card issuers are now expanding their grip by allying with corrupt governments to force citizens to abandon cash fiat-money for card fiat-money and accept card issuers as institutions of governments (card issuers are “too big to fail” and all card issuers in crisis would be rescued by governments issuing even more plastic card debts to their citizens – in the absence of any cash fiat-money -)

5. The social platform industries and their social platform addicts.

The social platform owners exploit human needs for mutual support and approvals (“liked”, “befriended”).

a- Social platform users get their “highs” with “likes” and “friend numbers”.
b- Platform users get “free” memberships.
c- Being on social platforms is a fashion, a fad that makes it look odd, undesirable not to be on at least one.
d- After many people has been on it platform owners ask for more details about users’ lives.
e- After having heaps of money from the previous step they start allying with powerful groups to legally lobby to make laws to entrench their position.

The price they ask from users is all details of the private lives of users. For example, Facebook and Google apps ask for permission to access:

a- phones numbers of all users’ contacts.

b- all users’ conversation over the internet.

c- all conversation the smart phones can hear.

d- all users’ photos and graphics on their smart phones.

e- all things their smart phones can see.

f- users’ location at any time.

g- users’ heart beats, retinas conditions,

h- what the users read and write on the internet.

So the social platform addicts have no more privacy on their lives.

i- It is worse than that, users of social platforms are also not permitted to exercise their freedom of speech (as given by the First Amendment of the US Constitution) or the users may be banned by their social platforms. To some addicts, being banned from a social platform is a death sentence [5].

6. Conclusions:

Free men are being turned into addicts to be slaves to the opioids, tobaccos, alcohols and pharmaceutical, gambling, plastic card debt and social platform industries.

The question now is should the war on drugs be now extended to the war against all the above addictions ?


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Added after 2018 November 20:

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6 thoughts on “Diverse methods of transforming free men into addicts.

  1. Great Post Tony: This is so true but the greatest truth l found working undercover in a charity was the use of donations and how they are distributed by those in charge. Poor people are easier to control and monies donated are given by charities through foundations to countries in need, who decide to control the distribution of the food acquired and how they utilise the funding, making sure they take a sizeable chunk for admin and other costs, usually by using vehicles designed to obtain tax incentives ….. and guess what they take the lions share and the starving and hungry get a bowl of rice daily and should be grateful.


    • Someone has said that:
      Foreign aids take from the poor of rich countries to give to the rich of poor countries !
      In Australia,I only trust Aust Red Cross and Aust Salvation Army. Their audits reveal that 80% of donations go to intended recipients. The figures come down to 10% with other “charities”. I have no surprise with the Clintons Foundation and its involvement in Haiti disasters and Russian Uranium dealings.

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      • For me Tony l trust no charity and help only those that cant help themselves after trying so hard to help others and become disillusioned … I call them ‘ Poor in Heart ‘ and in todays world their are only a few …. Sorry to say. God Helps Those That Help Others

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