Some Australian Politicians rely on foreign influence and immigrants.


Some Australian Politicians rely on foreign influence and migrants.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The fundamental role of politicians is to govern. Now politicians are only a bunch of self-serving propagandists being incompetent at governing. They sell out the existing populations (whose people they are sworn to serve) of their respective nations (Russia, India and Japan may be the lucky exception) for their own individual or familial benefits. They are now using mass-immigration and foreign influence in treacherous ways to hide their incompetence in governing like heroine addicts using heroine to solve every of their problem.

Some Australian Politicians rely on foreign influence and migrants.

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1. Immigrants are good growing constituents to politicians.

Politicians who take immigrants into a country will be likely to have the votes of their children in the future. As immigrants are mostly from poor countries with high birth rates the number of their constituents will grow very fast if the immigrants keep their habits of having many children.

This is primarily why politicians like having immigrant constituents and they just keep coming back for more. The cycle is self-reinforcing. [1, 2]

2. Receiving financial benefits from foreign sources.

Politicians now don’t feel obliged to balance national incomes and expenses in national budgets. They would rather let their election rely on migrants and support from the old home countries of those migrants [3-9]. Some even plan to work for those foreign countries after leaving their elected positions.

It looks like those politicians are using immigrants to grow their own influence with the old countries of the immigrants. It is natural to expect that they will gradually work full time for those pay masters !

The whole thing looks like politicians are selling out their nation to make their own fortunes.

3. Foreign influence is inevitable

The cosy relationship between politicians and large group of immigrants and their old countries will inevitably lead to foreign influence issues [10-14].

4. Conclusions.

Politicians should be subjected to transparency requirements on their finance and daily conducts while in office plus many years after and should also be banned from working as lobbyists for few years after leaving office.


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Concern on foreign influence.








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