50 MWh Tesla Battery Commissioned At Australian Solar Power Plant

Both batteries were paid for by a $50 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the government of Victoria, with each contributing $25 million.

Source: http://energymetalnews.com/2018/11/19/50-mwh-tesla-battery-commissioned-at-australian-solar-power-plant/

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Comment by tonytran2015:

50MWh capacity for 6 years (=2200 cycles) provides 50MWh×2200 = 110 GWh.

The battery should not cost more than
110GWh×(20c/kWh) = 22M (AUD)

If it costs more than 22 Million Dollars then it is not viable as the cost of the battery alone is twice the wholesale price of electricity from coal.

If it costs less than 5 Million then it may be the way for the future (provided there is no new environment problems cause by lithium ion batteries).

The estimate of a 6 years life for a Lithium Ion battery is an over-estimation (? [14]) of its actual life. Any such actual battery may last 6 years or even longer but its capacity steadily declines over time to about 1/2 of initial capacity after 3 years, as has been seen with the common experience on laptops and smart phones powered by Lithium Ion batteries.

The advertised price for a 10kW battery system for home use is AUD 10,000 with another AUD 10,000 subsidization by the Australian State of Victoria. (Home owner pays 10000+2700 AUD to have both a battery and a Solar Photo-Voltaic System, Victoria State pays the rest).[11]


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4.8kW / 9.6kW Samsung Battery
Premium SunGrow Hybrid Inverter
19 x High Efficiency Solar Panels
System Install & Warranty
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[11]. https://www.solarlinkaustralia.com.au/facebook-lander-samsung-package/

What’s Included?
Bloomberg Listed Tier 1 High Efficiency Solar Panels
6kW Inverter
Average Yearly Output
7,664 to 10,950 kWh
Roof Area Required
43 m2
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[12]. https://www.solarlinkaustralia.com.au/victoria/

[13]. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-10/vic-govt-pledges-solar-battery-subsidy-for-households/10223550?pfmredir=sm

Let’s say you install 5kWh of Energy Storage with an estimated lifetime of 10 years (3,500 cycles).

[14]. https://solaray.com.au/how-much-do-solar-batteries-cost/

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