Avoiding outrageous costs of roaming during oversea travel.

Avoiding outrageous costs of roaming during oversea travel.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Avoiding outrageous costs of roaming during oversea travel.

This Travel tip may save you from burning your house with your busy fingers playing unsmartly on your smart phones.

1. Beware of the HIGH COST of staying connected.

Figure: Screen capture of an actual Warning SMS from Australian Vodafone on the outrageous roaming costs at Singapore Transit lounge on 2018 December 13th. Internet roaming cost WAS INDEED $51000/GByte versus $2/GByte inside Australia.

As you can read from the screen capture:

Welcome to Singapore. Warning – you have activated your mobile device overseas. Significantly higher charges may apply. While you’re here, it will cost up to $5.39/min + 40c connection fee to make calls, $4.50/min to receive calls, $3.50 to send a TXT and data is charged $51.20/MB. It’s free to receive a TXT. … For help call +61426320000 – it’s free. Have a safe journey.

The roaming phone cost is $5.39/min, the roaming SMS cost is $5.30. They are about 5 times the cost for equivalent service in Australia. But the dangerous killer is the roaming internet cost of $51.20/MB = $51200/GB which is 25000 times the cost of equivalent service in Australia.
Therefore someone watching a movie at the transit lounge may burn about $25000 for that 0.5GByte movie.


2. Preventing expensive roaming costs by not using post-paid phones oversea.


a- Bring along your trip only prepaid phone cards or sims so that you cannot spend more than you have paid into those cards.

b- Buy locally sold cards and use them in their issueing country. Send an identifying message prior to any communication so that recipients know who is talking to them.

 c-Before departing you may redirect all incoming calls to your pre-paid numbers (already pre-paid in your home country). This limits your spending.

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