The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The pretentious environmental conservation by Greenies.

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Greenies overlook habitual, intentional wasters while harassing responsible people.

Greenies have not promoted conservation for the sake of the Earth but rather for their self-promotion. The followings prove the point.

a/- The power distribution industry in Australia is still allowed to promote resistive heating while banning the connectionn of energy efficient heat pumps as “controled loads” for off-peak rates.

b/- Vehicle Insurers in Australia are still free to quote outrageous premiums on the fuel efficient turbo charged engines.

c/-The packaging industry world-wide has been left doing their over-packaging which wastes plastic and paper material.

 Figure: Even fast food meals have also been over-packaged. The plastic red cap should had been made from paper material.

d/- Manufacturers in China can sell Stainless Steel Vacuum flasks to Australia without selling the replaceable plastic caps which deteriorate much faster than the main components. This causes forced disposal of stainless steel flasks by Australian.

e/- Manufacturers in China can sell short life fridges, freezers, air-conditioners without due consideration for related wastes in their manufacturing and disposal.

f/- Short life household products such as portable lamps, elestronic mosquito zappers create problems with lead contamination caused by their lead acid batteries.

g/- There are carbon pollution taxes but there is no toxic metal clean up levies on items containiing Mercury, Cadnium, Lead, Organic toxic waste.

Figure: Expensive light weight Lithium-Ion battery for smart phones is now promoted and subsidized (if it is good why does it need heavy subsidies?) to store solar electricity for households at night time.

h/- Conservation movements have been overlooking large scale pollution by self-proclaimed “late polluters”. It should have been assistance by “early polluters” in preventing pollution from those countries rather than giving the latter a free hand to get even in polluting.the earth.

i/- Green movements want to ban responsible usage of plastic bags in advanced nations while evedents show that those countries are not responsible for plastic bags floating in the oceans.

j/- Bottled Water has been irrationally promoted causing considerable plastic pollution and wasting of energy.

Figure: Bottled water. What are Greenies doing on the marketing of bottled water?


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  1. Happy New Year my Friend …. Great post and totally agree while protestors tell governments what they want governments plan to provide what they want to implement as initiatives that earn private companies a fortune … one day they will learn …

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