Predicted outcome of US-DRK summit

Predicted outcome of US-DRK summit

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Donald Trump is a realistic straight talking, peace loving Leader while Kim Jong Un is a master of political games.

So the following results may be predicted

1. What DRK may get.

a/- DRK to keeps all its existing Nukes and Missiles.
b- Partial lifting of economic sanction.
c- Some US trades may begin.

2. What USA may get.

a/- DRK reduces its Plutonium production.
b/- DRK to decommission/ destroy its obsolete, surplus nuclear weapon labs.
c/- DRK will only test fire Satellite launching missiles.
d/- No more threatening of surprise Nuclear Attack against US.

3. Rationals.

a/- DRK wants to have nuclear ambiguity status like Israel.

b/- DRK has to protect itself against attack by ANY of its ennemy nations.

c/- DRK wants to maintain its non-allied status.

d/- Playing too hard unfair games against DRK may force it to ally itself with China and Russia.

e/- US don’t want another tension point to stretch its worldwide commitment.

f/- There is an unusual sympathy between Trump and Kim. Kim foiled the attempted coup by his right-hand General, husband of his aunt, while Trump survived the impeachment scheme by his FBI-Intelligence men



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