Cautious use of smart phones is needed to avoid deadly candida auris infection

Cautious use of smart phones is needed to avoid deadly candida auris infection

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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A threatening mean of transmitting a deadly infection

Most smart phones are now made in China. They come equipped with ear-phones. There is now a coincidental worldwide outbreak of deadly candida auris infecting patients’ ears.

Figure: Countries with Candida auris. (Source:

We can see that the most affected countries are also affluent ones with high rate of smart phone usage (except for Central and South America). Is this just a coincidence?

We should suspect that the fungus may had been spread by widespread usage of earphones (and many smart phone users do actually share their earphones).

The fungus would also spread if the production facilities in China were contaminated. However this is unlikely to be the cause of the current outbreak since CDC has found that those fungi causing the current outbreak do not originate from a single common source.




The rise of C. auris has been little publicized in part because it is so new. But also, outbreaks have at times been played down or kept confidential by hospitals, doctors, even governments. Some hospitals and medical professionals argue that because precautions are taken to prevent the spread, publicizing an outbreak would scare people unnecessarily.




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