Making a credible “Deal of the Century”

Making a credible “Deal of the Century”

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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During WW1, Britain made a declaration of its plan to take away the territory of its colony of Palestine to form a new country which is not designed for Palestinian people. This plan was then carried out after WW2 by two victor countries America and Britain with the support of the third victor, USSR (Russia).

The victors of WW2 successfully convinced the UN, created by them, that Palestine was a desert with no inhabitants and carried out the Balfour declaration.

Palestinians got forced out of their houses for the Balfour sponsors to create a new state which is not designed for them.

Then the Balfour sponsors attempted to fool the Palestinians and the World that the Palestinian state was killed in order to establish a “Two states on one territory”. The move was like killing a real enslaved man to take his body parts to build a Frankenstein monster.

Now most people accept the obvious reality (or truth ?) that there can never be a “Two states on one territory” and history cannot be undone.

Nothing can compensate a people for the loss of their ancestral land and their national bond. This is the cause of the current trouble in the Middle East that is also spreading out to the whole World.

For any credible “Peace treaty”, there must be gives and takes by either sides. A treaty will not be fair if one side is given everything while the other side loses everything. It is now time for Palestinian people be given something significant.

The only non-ridiculous offer to Palestinian now for any “Deal of the Century” would be an offer to all Palestinian people that every of them is given individual option of becoming a full and immediate citizen of one country of his choice among the three countries America, Britain, or Russia.

This offer would
1/- give Palestinian people a reasonable compensation. Many of them have lived in refugee camps for years if not for generations,
2/- would not harm Israel and would not take anything at all from Israel,
3/- would require only the Balfour sponsors to be accountable and paying for their actions in the past,
4/- would not put unfair burdens on Islamic, Arab neighbors in Middle East,
5/- would make the losers of WW2 feel that not only them have been singled out to pay for any of their mistakes,
6/- and would make US, UK lefties feel that they would have millions more of succeptible recruits!
7/- Multi-generational descendants of USA should not feel upset as the prospective new citizens from Palestine only propel the country along its chosen (or mistaken?) path! The path is not unlike that of London in the UK.

The offer would make credible any attempt to make a “Deal of the Century”.

Readers should not think that this is a crazy idea. If it is repeated often enough it would become a “reasonable deal”. If the
“reasonable deal” is then repeated often enough it would become the “sole credible deal” for US, UK and Russia to work on.



Added after 30th June 2019:


[3]. The dark side of Winston Churchill’s legacy no one should forget,

[4]. Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies, August 23, 2019,,

In the U.S., the New York State Select Committee On Crime in 1982 investigated nationwide networks of trafficking underage sex workers and producing child pornography. Dale Smith, a committee investigator, noted that call services using minors also profited from “sidelines,” besides the income from peddling prostitution.  Smith said they sold information “on the sexual proclivities of the clients to agents of foreign intelligence.” Presumably, this information could be used to blackmail those in positions of power. Smith added that one call service sold information to “British and Israeli intelligence.”

[5]. I’ve Spent Decades Failing to Negotiate Peace in the Middle East. Trump’s ‘Ultimate Deal’ Is Doomed, Too,


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