Three Profoundly-important, Science-based Articles from India with Observations on the US sanctioned “Vaccine Holocaust of Newborns, Infants and Children”, by Gary G. Kohls, MD

Comment by tonytran2015:

There are not many visible people with autism in South East Asian developing countries but there are many in Australia. I had to ask why.


If someone tells you that science has “proved” that vaccinations are safe, tell them science has proven no such thing, and in fact the proof goes the other. Here’s a good article to help you make that case, from Gary G. Kohls, MD, at

(Whose parents, it needs to be said, have been well-trained to be obedient patients and therefore frequently accept – without hesitation and without doing their own research – allowing invasive procedures like multiple vaccines being injected simultaneously into the tiny muscles of their infants (combinations of which have never been proven to be safe).

Overwhelmingly, that parental consent is not “informed consent” as required by law. Uninformed consent is therefore often given without the parents being properly informed of the potential hazards, short or long-term. Therefore their children are at high risk of becoming sickened – sooner or later – with vaccine toxin-induced illnesses.

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