freedom of speech under attack

History had been written only by the winners of WW2.


Subtitle: The Truth is “anti-Semitic”

Elected representatives from both major US political parties are falling all over themselves to condemn and attempt to officially censor the words of Ilhan Omar.  In the past week, another blogger I know of had her Twitter account closed, and others have had their Facebook (FB) pages taken down and their individual FB account suspended for 30 days.  What did these events have in common, you may ask?  (Why should we care? – will be dealt with below.)  Criticism of Jews, or in one case, the mere questioning of the official history of the 20th century and bringing to light important, but taboo facts, was sufficient to provoke condemnation or closing of social media accounts, and FB pages being taken down.  We also read recently of more books being banned by Amazon so that sales of such books are prohibited even by its Marketplace Sellers. …

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