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A Nation of Free Men or Free Things, by Daniel Greenfield. The 2020 Democrat primaries are underway with candidate after candidate promising a nation, not of free people, but of free things. Free college, free health care and free everything else. Even for illegal aliens. Of course there’s a price to pay. You get free […]

via A Nation of Free Men or Free Things — The Wentworth Report

Comment by tonytran2015:

The culture of “Free Things” and “Uncontrolled immigration” is spreading around Western countries like wild fire and is destroying Western Civilizations.

4 thoughts on “A Nation of Free Men or Free Things — The Wentworth Report

  1. You really think so? Certainly, uncontrolled immigration is a problem, but if we don’t help people in need, we deny our humanity.
    I am more annoyed by the fear in Europe, especially in Germany. Germany had now prevented for more than 60 years from taking in genuine HIlfs. It was always just people who worked here, so no real spending for Germany. Now we should finally do this, and the richest country in the world, which had been in debt for two world wars, is already whining. Unfortunately, we still have too much aristocratic rule here in Germany.


    • In the 1950, many countries including China had serious attempts in population control. So those countries got even richer per capita. The “poor” countries now are mostly those without any attempt at population control and with mismanagement of their resource.

      Now the people from these counries are running from their own consequences. They will import their bad attitude and habits into their new countries, turning the new countries into the copies of what they are running from. I am having first hand observation of immigrants bringing with them bad habits, corruption, abuse of social supports, tax dodging, tribalism, etc. It is so depressing seeing my good country disintegrating because of their bad habits.

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      • Thank you Tony, but i think most immigrating people are not part of the poverty ones. You need a lot of money to get from Africa or Syria to Europe or other countries. I think the poor people are happy getting something to eat and drink. Here – my opinion – we have in part a group of persons not lucky with their damaged government, perhaps not happy with the coming democratic regime. Whats better leaving the own country, as long as having money which truely are not their own? 😉


        • My real life experience with migration showed that: There are few rich people with strong political views migrating to better societies (these are often the earliest arrivals), the majority of the people (remember that people deserve their own government in their own country!, due to their habits of lying down politically, being corrupt, being lazy) just like to take advantage of the humanity of neighbouring countries, then even the relatives of the new regime ALSO migrate to preserve their unjust gains during government change! The last group are those spending unearned fortunes to migrate!

          The real situation is all very complicated but it can be explained with the simulation of having a neighbourhood with no doors, no fences. Can we ever have that kind of neighborhood?


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