The scam of “Recycling organized by Local Governments”.

The scam of “Recycling organized by local governments”.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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The crisis in plastic recycling can be viewed as the end result of a scam run by greenies with the cooperation from local governments.


1. History of recycling.


In most countries, recycling and reusing have been operating since the beginning of each civilization: Earthenware objects have been reused for path paving and foundation filling, glassware objects have been remelted to make new glass with lower grade. Metal objects have rarely been discarded after use, most are put into new use or remelted. Even thermoplastic objects sometimes get melted to make new low-grade plastic.

Molecularly cross linked products such as vulcanized rubber and non-melt polymers such as melamine present tough problem to recycling. They can only be reused for application such as filling foundation for pavement and buildings.

2. Previous system for recycling/reusing materials.

Scraps merchant used to go around residential blocks to collect for free or to buy valuable recyclable items. Typically they buy:

-sorted used clean clear bottles,

-sorted used clean green bottles,

-sorted used clean color (red or blue) bottles,

-sorted pure steel and cast iron objects and containers,

-sorted pure stainless steel objects and containers,

-sorted pure aluminum containers,

-sorted pure brass objects,

-sorted pure tires,

-sorted clean plastic objects,

-sorted clean paper and cartons,

-old batteries.

It is obvious the scrap merchant have quite a good knowledge of their trade and they operate without subsidization from tax money collected local councils. They also give valuable feed backs to residents on how to clean and prepare scraps before bringing to them.

3. Local governments messing into recycling industry.

Around 1980, local governments jumped into the recycling process and messed up the system. Councils (local governments) encourage people to mix all recyclable food containers together and said that they all would be properly sorted out. The consequences of Australian local governments running the “Recycling Bins” are:

-news papers and pizza cartons make of non-recyclable food contaminated paper messes (China, Malaysia, Indonesia have rejected those messes sent from Australia),

-aluminum cans may get contaminated with cigarette butts inside them,

-only iron and aluminum food cans get collected by recycling bins, other iron or metalic based items such as nails, screws, steel hinges, iron, copper objects don’t get collected at all and often end up in perishable garbage as owners don’t bother searching for few remaining scraps merchants [4] who are often far-away,

-glass food containers often get contaminated with their food contents. This annoy glass recycling plants.

-plastic objects fare worse. There have been very few items made from “recycled plastic” (from type 1, PET; type 2, HDPE; type 3, PVC) [5] and most of them are only for making low grade plastic bags. There should have been many more different types of objects for diverse usage, where are they?

-the introduction of recycling bins had pushed many scraps merchants to extinction. The bins require the set up of a large sorting plant for recyclable objects. Recyclable objects must be well separated and suffer from no contamination to be sent to recycling plants for individual types.

The only sorting plant ([6]. for the whole of City of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) has gone bankrupt. This shows that it is impossible to achieve high grade waste separation at low cost as promised by greenies.

4. Conclusion.

“Recycling organized by local governments” is only a catch phrase to run the scam of ripping off tax money from residents by empire building local governments. Everything run by a government is always less efficient than by a private business.

The “representatives of local governments” have been using the catch phrase to engage in oversea junkets (study trips) with no visible solution to recycling in the horizon [7,8,9,10]. Local governments should have used the unproductive money to perfect the recycling system which existed prior to the “Recycling organized by local governments”.






Manufacturing scrap is the metal waste created during the production of manufactured goods, or unused material surplus to the manufacturer’s requirements.

It includes everything from punched sheets, clippings, defect parts and wire trimmings to obsolete machinery and goods returned under trade-in schemes.

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    • When suddenly every greeny talks about recycling but around us most scraps mrrchants close down due to low trade volumes then the alarm bell should ring.

      Most “recycle collections” in Melbourne are now said to be sent to rubbish dumps, with associated risks of metals reacting with the environment.

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