Is this Eipstein business too hard to believe?

Is this Eipstein business too hard to believe?

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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List of events

A J. Eipstein “billionaire” (whose money?) contributor to both parties of American politics.

An Eipstein Island and a Lolita Express for elites. (for entrapment of elected male politicians?)

An extraordinary lenient deal for J. Eipstein on child sex charges with claims on espionage/intelligence connection.

J. Eipstein is known to have lists of elite friends and is thought to be a possible front for some foreign intelligence.

A dirty presidential election campaign for a chosen candidate.

The rumour of Pizzagate (regarding a child sex ring).

Some leaks to Wikileaks.

A “suicide” by Seth Rich of DNC.

An “Insurance Policy” (mentioned in some FBI/DOJ communication) against an outsider D. Trump.

Claims of no “State Department email leaks”.

Discovery of copies of government secret emails on unauthorized computers and destruction of records while in FBI custody.

A “Russian influence” and “Russian meddling”.

Refusals of voting eligibility checks.

An outsider D. Trump winning yhe Presidential Election.

Dissolution of Clinton Foundation and its books can be legally destroyed.

Investigation of “Russian collusion” .

Investigation concluded. FISA application found to be malicious.

President D. Trump wants to investigate the investigator FBI and the DOJ.

A registered Democrat behind one of the massacres.

A hot dispute on American 2nd Amendment.

J. Eipstein “attempted suicide” and resultant “suicide watch”.

J. Eipstein timely suicide(?)/murder(?) while USA is embroiled in the arguments on 2nd Amendment.


These all are too much of a list of coincidences!

Next convenient coincidences to happen according to their scripts are:

J. Eipstein Island is on fire, all records are lost. Bulldozers hurry to raze the place down to sell the place to pay off mounting debts.

Lolita Express crashes killing all female acquaintance of Eipstein.

Local polices and FBi mishandle the files and all records of this Eipstein business are lost.

All conspiracy theorists are to be placed on FBI’s watch list.

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