US should have offered to buy Australian Port of Darwin.

US should have offered to buy Australian Port of Darwin.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Donald Trump may have a reason for making an uninvited offer to buy Greenland.

1. The stupid lease of Australian Port of Darwin to China.

The late 2015 deal with Landbridge shocked the country about why the NT decided to lease the port to a foreign company and how they got away with it. It was during US President Obama’s time, Australian Port Darwin was leased to China for 99 years at a cheap price of 506 million dollars. Former federal trade minister Andrew Robb took an annual $880,000 job with Landbridge after leaving federal parliament.

It was the most absurd deal as described in Can the Darwin Port’s 99-year lease to China be reversed? And what role, if any, did Andrew Robb play?

But Australian government has rejected federal MP’s call to buy back Darwin port from Chinese leaseholder

The question is if USA asked to lease Port Darwin, it would be the preferable lessee, probably would have got it and at least would have stopped China from having the lease.

2. The similarities between Port of Darwin and Greenland.

Both locations have nearby American bases. The Americans, who use Darwin as a strategic pivot location for thousands of marines each year, are on the record stating their concerns around the potential for Chinese operatives to spy on American and Australian navy ships. In Greenland America has Thule Air Base.

Both locations have indigenous populations. Their influence on defense policy is often unpredictable, especially with Chinese charm offensive to them. China has been quite good in taking advantage against African and Third World countries [7,8,9,10] (In those countries, poverty has been mostly caused by corruption).

3. Donald Trump made the right move in asking to buy Greenland.

So Donald Trump has made the right move in making an uninvited offer to buy Greenland. This move stops any attempt by any local government in Greenland from selling any territory or strategic assets to China for cheap prices.















With the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, rare earth reserves have been discovered in Greenland, a “self-governing” territory of Denmark. Moves by the Greenland government to seek independence from Denmark and permit Chinese companies to mine rare earth minerals have met with stiff opposition from Denmark, the United States, and NATO.



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2 thoughts on “US should have offered to buy Australian Port of Darwin.

    • China would be glad to welcome all useful idiots.

      They are mostly like that, but they call RACIST any statement saying that their people may sell out their nation for few bottles of drinks.

      By the way, they have spent all that 506 million dollars, and they are not quite sure where all that money has gone!


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