A Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787-9 didn’t deploy landing gear on final approach to Melbourne by Melanie Kraft

via: https://www.airlive.net/breaking-a-vietnam-airlines-boeing-787-9-didnt-deploy-landing-gear-on-final-approach-to-melbourne/

Comment by tonytran2015: My effort to stick with the safest airline QANTAS has served me well (https://www.quora.com/How-does-a-plane-know-the-wheels-are-down-before-landing, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Vietnam_Airlines_accidents_and_incidents).

Plane aborts Melbourne landing within 60 seconds of thudding finish



The aircraft detects the position of the landing gear by the use of a micro switch next to each wheel.


It depends on the aircraft… In transport category aircraft that I have flown such as DC-8, DC-9, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767 and L1011 it is lowered around 2000′ AGL… Current safety culture requires the aircraft be fully configured for landing no later(lower?) than 1000′ AGL and on speed and stabilized by no later than 500′ AGL, so lowering the gear at around 2000′ is good practice in normal operations.

A Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 Almost Landed Without It’s Gear Down In Melbourne by Laura Ash, https://simpleflying.com/vietnam-airlines-boeing-787-gear-up/

ATSB opens investigation into Vietnam Airlines landing gear incident -australianaviation.com.au, https://australianaviation.com.au/2019/09/atsb-opens-investigation-into-vietnam-airlines-landing-gear-incident/


Vietnam Airlines crew fail to lower 787 landing gear, https://www.airlineratings.com/news/vietnam-airlines-crew-fail-lower-787-landing-gear/

Vietnam Airlines crew forgets to lower landing gear during approach at Melbourne Airport by Bart Noëth, https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/vietnam-airlines/crew-forgets-to-lower-landing-gear-during-approach-at-melbourne-airport/

“During approach to land, Melbourne Air Traffic Control advised the crew that the aircraft’s landing gear was observed not to be extended. The crew initiated a missed approach at +- 650 feet.”

ASN Wikibase Occurrence # 229122 , https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=229122

“The ATSB is investigating an incorrect configuration incident involving a Boeing 787-9, registered VN-A870, flight VN781, operated by Vietnam Airlines near Melbourne Airport, Australia.
During approach to land, Melbourne Air Traffic Control advised the crew that the aircraft’s landing gear was observed not to be extended. The crew initiated a missed approach. “


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Kiểm soát Không lưu Melbourne thông báo với phi hành đoàn rằng theo sự
quan sát của họ thiết bị hạ cánh của phi cơ đã không được bung ra. Phi
hành đoàn đã bắt đầu tình huống lỡ tiếp cận.


“Theo tôi, không phải do phi công quên thả càng vì tất cả các dòng máy
bay thương mại hiện đại (bao gồm 787) đều có hệ thống báo động bằng
giọng nói, sẽ nhắc phi công nếu càng chưa được thả khi vào hạ cánh”, phi
công (xin giấu tên) phân tích tình huống.
“Trong trường hợp này, tôi nghĩ phi công đã có một chút lúng túng trong
quá trình thực hiện tiếp cận, họ phải tập trung ổn định quỹ đạo bay dẫn
đến thả càng muộn và phải thực hiện bay lại”, phi công này nhận định.

Máy bay Vietnam Airlines suýt hạ cánh không có bánh tại Melbourne
Cơ quan Kiểm soát không lưu Melbourne đã thông báo tới phi hành đoàn
rằng quá trình hạ cánh có “vấn đề”. Càng sau của máy bay đã không được
hạ xuống.

The pilot of an Australian passenger flight forgot to lower the plane’s wheels for landing because he was too busy texting, a government inquiry has found.

In its report, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau report said that the distracted captain and fatigued co-pilot of a Jetstar Airways flight to Singapore failed to complete their landing checklist, The Age reported.


The pilots apparently noticed their oversight less than 300 metres above the ground.

The airline has stood down the two pilots pending the safety investigation.


… the crew becoming aware that the aircraft was not properly configured for landing. Almost simultaneously, the ‘Too Low Gear’ automated warning activated, which indicated that the aircraft’s landing gear was not extended.

The incorrect aircraft configuration was the result of several interruptions and distractions during the approach. These interruptions and distractions resulted in a breakdown in the pilots’ situational awareness.

Click to access ao2009066.pdf


“Both pilots reported then focussing their attention on the aircraft that was landing immediately ahead (of them), and then, shortly after, on a possible conflict with an aircraft that was cleared to depart from runway 16R, both of which created concern with respect to a late landing clearance,” the report stated.

Pilot ‘simply forgot’ to lower landing gear


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