How Fake News Could Lead to Real War –Politico

… in 1964,…. , North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin attacked the USS Maddox, a destroyer quietly gathering intelligence from international waters… Two days later, amid a storm, the crews of the Maddox and another destroyer, the USS Turner Joy, thought they were under attack, … But the incident was manipulated by Washington officials to appear as though a battle had taken place, with intelligence falsified to support this conclusion. Congress gave President Lyndon B. Johnson what he wanted…

In August 1998, … two U.S. embassies in Africa were bombed by al-Qaida. Clinton … targeted terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and the al-Shifa chemical plant in Khartoum, Sudan, … The attacks were controversial because of contradictory information about the targeted plant, … and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. … Then, in December of that year, Clinton again took a thrashing in the media for allegedly “wagging the dog” to distract voters … by launching a four-day intensive air campaign against Iraqi WMD sites.


In 2003, … George W. Bush … used flawed intelligence assessments … to justify a war with Iraq that was essentially unrelated to the crisis surrounding the 9/11 attacks. …

4 thoughts on “How Fake News Could Lead to Real War –Politico

    • Look also at the way the press victimized PM Trudeau of Canada. It pulled out an inconsequential picture and claim that the picture is racist and he DID APOLOGY. How is that picture is racist cannot be explained but the press had humiliated him.
      The press should be broken up into many many small groups and anti-trust laws should be applied to it in every country.

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