Guide for taking over another country using dual citizens.

Guide for taking over another country using dual citizens.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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A mean country Z can actually rob other countries of their wealth, heritage and carry out the genocides of their people using the following guide.

1. Sending people claiming to be refugees from some real or insignificant persecution.

The claims are a only a legal basis for admission into that country. Most countries signed with the United Nations to allow for entrance by refugees.

The mean country Z can send its citizens to rich countries A, B, C, …

After that, citizens from Z should stay in those country and try to demand compensations for “unjustified detention” while the claim for refugee status is assessed. Claimants to refugee status can expect help from legal experts paid for by those countries assessing their status and can have appeals using tax money of those countries as if they were tax payers of those countries.

Any wrong doing by custodians may also result in compensation payouts (determined the standards of that rich country) which may be a huge fortune when measured by the earning standards of the claimants from country Z.

2. Organizing those people for their citizenships in rich host countries.

Every country allow residents (including refugees) with good characters without any criminal conviction take up citizenship after some time living there.

This step is a piece of cake. Even rapists may be considered to have good characters and may be released without conviction. The Australian AAT may be a useful channel for claimants in Australia [1]!

Note that the granting of citizenship does not require any prospect for contribution to the host country! A 70 years old can also take up a citizenship and enjoy the Old Age Pension paid by a host country (such as Australia) without ever paying any tax to that country in his working life. Similarly a person already disable before entering the country may also take up citizenship to enjoy Disability Allowance supplied by the host country such as Australia. There is no need to learn the language of the host country: In Australia, interpreting service is supplied for free for the whole life of any immigrant.

3. Starting chain migration.

Each new citizen now can demand the rights to bring his family (which may have two or more wives), parents, the families of the parents to the host country.

Better still, each citizen comes back to the originating country to marry another one (may also be a same sex marriage) and bring the partner (conventional spouse or same sex partner) to the host country. The newly arrived spouse will be granted citizenship. After a minimum time of about one year, one of them file for uncontested divorce. So now the host country has two unmarried citizens. Those two citizens will continue the exponential number games.

4. Applying Identity Politics.

Make catch phrases that are wider than the actual meaning (Anti-Z, Anti-H, Anti-I, Anti-Immigrant, …) and use those catch phrases in all debates to unjustly shame and silence the opponents.

Nixon was labeled anti-Semitic because his administration was against dual citizenship in America.

5. Morphing citizenship, race, political affiliation and religion.

By morphing citizenship, race political affiliation and religions, it is always easy for foreign citizens to claim discrimination against their religions while the issue may be only about their citizenship or their politics.

6. Widening claims of discrimination to cause cost blow outs.

Forcing others to practice foreign customs under the claims of discrimination is easy:

Christian cake decorators must learn to decorate cakes against their belief, or must contract someone who can decorate cake that way on their behalves.

Public toilets must have facilities for Males, Females, Transexuals, (it does not matter how much percentage of the population is in that category !).

7. Paralyzing all serious political debates with identity politics and claims of racism and discrimination

Claiming that Trump’s requirements that applicants for Permanent Residence Status must not be a burden on America is a discrimination against the disabled and the unskilled and the lazy (or mentally unfit?).

8. Hijacking the language of the host country.

As the written constitution of any country is based on its language, the best way to stealthily change its constitution is to change its language (

A marriage is redefined into two same sex people living together.

A “female” is redefined into anyone who think that he/she has should have female sex organs. Do you readers start to see the confusion?

A racist is re-defined to be only a White racist. A non-White racist is called an equality fighter.

9. Demanding for dual citizenship rights.

Having citizenship in the host country is not an end in this game. The citizens of Z will now demand inclusiveness in politics. They claim that they can never be released of their citizenship from their former country, or claiming that is not convenient for them. So they demand the right to be considered Dual Citizens !

All citizens of countries A, B, C who formerly claimed to be refugees suddenly resurface, applying to be allowed dual citizenship making them also Citizen of country Z.

10. Demanding rights to stand for Parliament/Congress with dual citizenship.

Currently many English speaking countries (excluding Australia) allow for dual citizenship, many even allow people with dual citizenship (meaning half loyalty) to stand for elected Parliament/Congress and Prime Minister/President Office [2 -7].

Those countries have used twisted argument that it is too inconvenient for politicians to renounce their other loyalty. So they should be allowed dual citizenship (Implying multiple citizenship and partial loyalty is all right.).

Note that currently Australia is the only significant English speaking country NOT ALLOWING people with dual citizenship to hold elected office in governments.

11. Manipulating Parliament/Congress to turn host countries into zombies.

A prominent example is the United States of America, a rich country that allows dual citizenship. Its political issues now only revolve around whether America First or loyalty to “the other country” and globalism is appropriate. Such a scenario transforms Americans with only sole citizenship to America into slaves working for “the other country” without having any benefit for themselves.

A biological analogy is that the dual citizens work as a invading virii to capture all the resource and energy of a host cell (representing a host country) to replicate not the descendants of the host cell but the invading virii. The final result is that there are more virii while the host cell will end up explosing.

A country Z can even organize its “dual citizens” with Citizenship In Name Only in both country A and country B to start war between those two countries. This will certainly bring country Z to a dominant position after A and B have been both destructed and exhausted by wars. Some people have suspected that many countries have been brought into the two World Wars by these types of plans.

12. Strategy for counter-measures.

When a nation has adopted rules for dual citizenship, the above nasty hypothetical case may happen. Its citizens should demand abolition of dual citizenship. George Washington had anticipated these problems (

Failing that every citizen of nation A must suppose that nation A will soon reach its own demise and everyone has to select and obtain for himself a dual citizenship with some other nation and then consider himself only a National In Name Only of nation A. The wealth and the heritage of nation A is then the spoil for final distribution to other surviving nations.

Notes to commenters.

This is a sensitive issues to many countries. Only comments on theoretical aspects are accepted. Comments mentioning names of races or ethnic groups will not be accepted.


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(” The United States (unlike many other nations) does not require that you prove that you have renounced your other citizenship before it will allow you to naturalize, nor does it place any obligation on you to do so after naturalization. The US naturalization oath does require you to “renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity” to any other nation, but US law does not care if this renunciation of allegiance and fidelity is effective in causing you to renounce your claim to citizenship in any other country or not. As long as you meet the requirements in US law to qualify for naturalization and actually subscribe the oath, you become a US citizen, whether or not you are a citizen of any other country and whether or not that other country permits you to become a US citizen. ”




(“While Israelis may hold dual citizenship, a Basic Law passed in 1958 states that Knesset members cannot pledge allegiance as parliamentarians unless their foreign citizenship has been revoked under the laws of that country.”)


[24]., (“If today [1997] we give in to demands for dual citizenship, we would soon have four, five, or six million Turks in Germany, instead of three million – Chancellor Helmut Kohl, in 1997.”)

[25]., March 29, 2013, (“Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has refused calls from Turkish and other immigrant communities to allow dual citizenship. Many immigrants are reluctant to apply for German citizenship because they want to hold on to their original nationality.”)




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