Canned fish as emergency food in preparation against sudden lockdown.

Canned fish as emergency food in preparation against sudden lockdown.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Canned fish as emergency food in preparation against sudden lockdown.

Nutrition requires a variety of food. For emergency you can eat rice to supply your body with carbohydrate for energy but you also need other food to satisfy the complex nutrition requirements of your body. After rice, mung beans, you also need canned fish in your food supply to prepare for sudden prolonged emergency.

1. Advantage of canned fish.

They supply protein, calcium and omega-3 fat and they also have long storage time.

2. Selecting good canned fish.

Figure 1: Three brands of canned chunks of tuna and canned sardines. They are made in Spain and Scotland.

Choose sardines and tuna cuts in tomato sauce or olive oil. Buy only those cans from reputable brands which are made in countries with reputable health standards.

3. Storage.

Store in cool place. Use up old stocks before their expiry dates and replace them with fresh stock.

4. Cooking canned fish for food.

Figure 2: Prepared canned fish to be served with fresh lettuce.

Open the can of fish. Transfer the whole content into a proper cooking saucepan (made of thermal glass or of ceramic or of stainless steel). Heat up (by microwave or by conventional heating method) to simmering and let the content simmer for 5 minutes. If necessary add a little amount of water to prevent the food from drying up. After the food has simmered for 5 minutes, it is ready for serving.

So prepared canned fish can be served with fresh, clean lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced purple onion as a delicatessen dish. The dish can be consumed with fresh bread, with boiled rice or with prepared instant noodle.



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