Corona Cash Grab: Pelosi, US Agencies Compile Lists For Phase 4 Stimulus – NATION AND STATE

“We want to change the voting laws, we want to change this, we want windmills all over the place to ruin everybody’s house and farm. We want to do all sorts of things,” Trump told “Fox & Friends,” adding “They wanted things that were so ridiculous and had nothing to do with putting people that just essentially lost their jobs putting them back to work.”

Chronology: Trump Was On Top Of Coronavirus While Biden Mocked

The next day, Jan. 31, the president declared coronavirus a U.S.
public health emergency and issued the ban on travel between the United
States and China. On that same day, the Senate voted on the production
of additional documents in the impeachment trial of President Trump.
Campaigning in Iowa that day, Biden criticized President Trump’s China
travel ban, saying during an Iowa campaign event, “This is no time for
Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia.”

Feb. 4: The White House directed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to step up coronavirus diagnostic testing procedures.

Media Freaks Out On ‘My Pillow’ CEO Mike Lindell For Encouraging Americans To Read The Bible

Lindell told Fox News he is working with the Trump administration on the type of masks needed. “Obviously, we specialize in cotton and we found out different materials that they didn’t want — latex. So, finally, we got the final prototype three days ago,” he said. But after
Trump invited Lindell to speak at a press briefing in the White House Rose Garden Monday afternoon, verified blue checkmarks and members of the media did not take kindly to Lindell’s remarks to Americans.

Lindell, who just announced his company will produce 50,000 masks a day by the
end of the week, was mocked for sharing his faith from behind the lectern, and encouraging Americans to turn to God in this time of

Media, Gov Officials Told Us Not To Wear Masks. They Were Wrong

Now, our intelligentsia are sowing more confusion and distrust as they back-peddle on their previous confusing instructions to not take this obvious precaution for yourself and those around you. On Monday,
President Donald Trump said he could see a recommendation, proposed by former Food and Drug
Administration head Scott Gottlieb, that all Americans wear masks. “We are not going to be wearing masks forever, but it could be for a short period of time after we get back into gear. I could see something like that happening for a period of time,” he said.

In a matter of days, masks have gone from “source of infection when not used properly” to “recommended for all Americans.” So do we wear masks now, or not? Does it matter what kind? If I display symptoms of
coronavirus, how long should I wait before being tested? Can I treat it
at home, and for how long? It’s easy to see how the botched messaging on
such a simple precaution early on will now have bigger consequences for
other guidelines delivered to us down this long road.

Coronavirus: Brisbane police on virus raid bust open secret brothel

Under the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s directions, spas and massage parlours can no longer operate during the COVID-19 public health

However, police also found the same business had allegedly been offering prostitution services.

A 37-year-old Kedron woman was issued with a notice to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 6.

She was charged with knowingly participating in the provision of prostitution services and possessing tainted property.

The woman was also issued with an on the spot infringement of $6,672.50 for
a business which failed to comply with public health directions under the Public Health Act.

Another woman, a 25-year-old from East Brisbane, was issued with a notice to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 6 in relation to the offences of knowingly participating
in the provision of prostitution services.

The woman was also issued with an on the spot infringement of $1,334.50 for failing to comply with public health directions.

[] Coronavirus social distancing measures enforced with Brisbane brothel receiving fine | Coronavirus Outbreak Breaking News

A Brisbane brothel has received the first fine in Queensland for breaching coronavirus health orders after offering its services despite social distancing measures.

The Lutwyche business was fined $6672 and a person found at the premises
was fined $1334.50 – the maximum amounts for breaching health

How to minimise your coronavirus risk while shopping at the supermarket – ABC News

Going to the supermarket requires you to touch surfaces shared by other people — shopping trolleys,

baskets and self-serve checkouts to name a few.

Meru Sheel, an infectious disease epidemiologist from the Australian National University, said that made it difficult to follow the health
advice to not touch hard surfaces, where the virus can survive for several days.

Cathy Moir, a microbiologist from the CSIRO who specialises in food safety, said the risk exposure to coronavirus from fresh fruit and vegetables was low.

“The coronavirus is a respiratory virus, it’s not a food-borne virus. If you
actually eat it, then it is not known to be transmitted,” she said.

Ms Moir said while you would not contract the virus by eating it, there was a slight chance it could be transmitted via surface contact.

Dr Sheel said the standard food safety advice — that fruit and vegetables should be washed before consumption — applied.

“I think, where possible, washing your fruit and vegetables is advised, as with a lot of bugs anyway,” she said.

“I haven’t seen any evidence appear of [coronavirus] outbreaks being caused by contaminated vegetables.”

Coronavirus community transmissions in Victoria grow as Fitzroy bar fined – ABC News

On Monday, Victoria Police fined China Bar in Fitzroy $9,913 for breaching a directive that non-essential
businesses should close.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said the business had six staff working on Saturday serving customers who were drinking and eating on
the premises.