Fact-Checking the NY Times’ “Lies” | US Issues


Both of the alleged “misrepresentations” happen to be True:

1. Increased atmospheric CO2does increase plant water use efficiency. This has been clear starting in 1985, here, in Nature in 2013, here, in Crop Science, here. …

2. Increasing atmospheric CO2does lengthen the agricultural growing season. Google Scholar returns 18,100 links for the search “increased CO2 lengthens the agricultural growing season”. Including these examples: In Nature, “Elevated CO2 further lengthens growing season under warming conditions”. In Global Change Biology, here, During the last three decades, the thermal potential growing season has lengthened by about 10.5 days (P < 0.01, 1982–2011), which is unprecedented in the context of the past 60 years. The overall lengthening has been stronger and more significant in Eurasia (12.6 days, P < 0.01) than North America (6.2 days, P > 0.05).

The NY Times’ characterization of these two plain and simple biological facts as “misrepresentations” is, to be blunt about it, a lie. The Times’ Tabuchi makes the “misrepresentation” accusation because, she says “Both assertions misrepresent the scientific consensus that, overall, climate change will result in severe disruptions to global agriculture and significant reductions in crop yields.”

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