Why Is the US Apparently Not Testing for the COVID-19 Coronavirus? by Larry Romanoff | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Comment by tonytran2015: American people paid astronomical prices for their health care. This time of judgment has come to show that most of the money has not been well spent to look after their health but rather to only enrich those people controlling the health empires.


The CDC produced a series of test kits that produced wildly random results, positive or negative, followed by instructions to discard the test kits as unreliable. (1) Several U.S. states said the new coronavirus test kits did not work, while others said they were totally unreliable. (2) New York City reported the government-issued tests are faulty and “cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate result”. Those faulty kits were also shipped all over the world, but to my knowledge the CDC have relayed that information to no one outside the US.

… The first such US infection from unknown sources wasn’t tested until
after the patient had been on a ventilator in the ICU for nearly one week. The hospital claimed they “were unable to get her tested for five days, claiming the CDC refused to test victims who had not traveled to outbreak-hit regions”. It appears The CDC simply refused to administer a test even though the patient was in critical condition. (5)

… In the meantime, a Chinese firm has put into mass production a
highly-accurate test for COVID-19 that has received the highest level of
European certification and that is now being marketed worldwide.
China’s genomics sequencing company BGI has received international recognition and vast orders for its detection kits for the novel
coronavirus. It has already shipped many hundreds of thousands to more than 25 countries and is in the order process with another 25 nations. For one, if the CDC wanted reliable tests, they could simply order from
China. (6)

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