BBC Fake News: Part 2, Covid-19

BBC Fake News: Part 2, Covid-19

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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BBC has definitely joined the FAKE NEWS bandwagon.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus flu has revealed some probable hidden agenda and biasness of BBC.

1. BBC has been discriminating against the less populous Spanish people while it acts politically correct to Chinese people: BBC had been tiptoeing, trying to be politically correct, in talking about the new contagious and dangerous infection for fear of offending China and Chinese people or their habits. It avoided obvious suggestive. cognitive names such as SAR2, Bat virus disease 2019, Wuhan wild life market flu, Hubei flu 2019, China flu -2019 (Finally WHO’s official names are SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19). But then BBC showed its blatant biasness against Spain when it used the name SPANISH flu in its contemporary article

Surgical masks were first introduced into hospitals in the late 18th Century but they did not make the transition into public use until the Spanish flu outbreak in 1919 that went on to kill over 50 million people.(

Are Spain and its Spanish people less worthy than China and its Chinese people?

2. BBC tried to obfuscate the toll numbers from China (which has the majority of infection and fat). BBC’s reports on the daily tolls are full of repetition with neither clear layout nor order of importance. This is a typical report:

Two Japanese passengers who contracted the new coronavirus on board a cruise ship quarantined in Japan have died, officials say.

At least 621 people on the ship tested positive for the virus, named Covid-19, the biggest cluster outside China.

The coronavirus, which originated in China’s Hubei province last year, causes pneumonia-like symptoms.

Overall, there have now been 2,118 deaths and nearly 75,000 confirmed infections recorded in mainland China.

On Thursday, South Korea confirmed its first coronavirus death. Japan’s neighbour also reported a sharp rise in virus cases, most of them from a newly identified cluster at a large religious community.

What is known about the two Japanese fatalities?

The Diamond Princess was carrying 3,700 people in total and passengers who tested negative for the virus began leaving the ship on Wednesday after a 14-day quarantine.

Hundreds have now disembarked from the cruise liner docked in Yokohama. Others are set to leave over the next two days.

What’s the latest from China?

China has seen a sharp drop in the number of new infections.

There were 394 new confirmed cases and 114 deaths reported on Wednesday, down from 1,749 new cases on Tuesday, the National Health Commission said…

Would such a writing pass an Eighth grade writing test? This confusing news may be a deliberate attempt to draw readers attention from the situation in China.

3. BBC has never questioned the quality of data it fed its readers, not brought to their attention the glaring inconsistency in its daily table of fatalities and infection cases. How can various countries Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanma, Malaysia, Vietnam have similar type of border personnel crossings with China but some countries have alarmingly high risk per personnel crossing while some other have reported to WHO that they experienced negligible risks!

4. BBC had hastily dismissed bats as a source of virus when people started suspecting that Covid-19 may be of a similar type to SARS due to its similarity in many aspect?

The new coronavirus is believed to have emerged from illegally traded wildlife at a seafood market in Wuhan. Although bats have been named in recent research from China as a possible source of the virus, bat soup is not particularly commonplace in the country and the investigations into its
exact origins continue.

5. BBC is quick to say that “avoiding eating in Chinese restaurants” is Xenophobic and even Racist (Coronavirus: British Chinese people reveal prejudice amid outbreak).

The real reason many people avoiding Chinese restaurants is their fear of Chinese staff there may have just returned from China (or even Wuhan). The fear by customers does not stem from racism. Here comes the proof:

Victoria’s public exposure sites

Sunday, March 8

T20 Cricket World Cup Final, Melbourne Cricket Ground, MCC Members Level 2, between 5:15pm and 11:30pm

Myrtle Oval, Macleay Park, North Balwyn between 10:00am and 4:00pm

Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill, between 8:30am and 5:00pm

Virgin Australia flight VA24 from Los Angeles to Melbourne which arrived at 7:00am

Saturday, March 7

Albert Park Hotel between 6:00pm and 10:00pm

South Melbourne Market between 2:00pm and 3:00pm

Coles Waurn Ponds between 1:00pm and 6:00pm

AAMI Park (Rebels vs Lions rugby game) in the evening

Ashburton Park, time unsure

Virgin Australia flight VA24 from Los Angeles to Melbourne, arrived 7:00am

Friday, March 6

Malaysia Airways flight MH0149 from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne arrived 9:00am

Pho Hung Vuong 2 Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond between 6:00pm and 7:00pm

Qantas flight QF94 from Los Angeles to Melbourne arrived 9:40am

Coles Waurn Ponds between 8:45am and 10:00am

South Melbourne Market between 8:30am and 10:00am

Emirates flight EK404 from Singapore to Melbourne arrived at 12:15am

Thursday, March 5

Cinema Nova, Carlton, Movie: The Amber Light between 7:30pm and 10:30pm

V/Line train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong departing about 5:40pm

Tuesday, March 3

Wine by Sam in Seymour between 12:30pm and 3:30pm

La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus:

March 3 between 9:00am and 12:00pm

March 4 between 11:00am and 1:00pm

March 5 between 1:00pm and 4:30pm

Monday, March 2

Virgin Australia flight VA682 from Perth to Melbourne which arrived at 4:20pm

VLine train from Geelong to Southern Cross departing about 5:40pm

Metro train from Southern Cross to Camberwell departing between 7:00pm and 7:15pm

Toorak Clinic, 575 Malvern Rd, Toorak for patients and staff that attended the clinic any time between March 2 and March 6

United Airlines flight UA0060 from San Francisco to Melbourne arrived 9:30am

Singapore Airlines flight SQ237 from Singapore to Melbourne arrived 10:50am

Malindo Air flight OD177 from Denpasar to Melbourne arrived 10:50am (Singapore time)

6. BBC has tried to imply that the rapid spread of Covid-19 in South Korea is due to the practice of a Christian “sect” there. This is totally nonsense. Why is the Christian “sect” faith associated with this spread?. Has that “sect” been implicated in any unhealthy practice such as everyone kissing each other mouth to mouth at their meeting?

Coronavirus: South Korean sect identified as hotbed

The coronavirus, which originated in China’s Hubei
province, causes pneumonia-like symptoms. China has now seen 2,118
deaths and recorded nearly 75,000 infections.

… The Shincheonji, which has been accused of being a cult, said it had now shut down its Daegu branch and that services in other regions
would be held online or individually at home.

The title should have been “Shincheonji Church of
Jesus site identified as hot bed for Coronavirus in South Korea”.

Why has not BBC mentioned the faith of new immigrant rapists in Germany, Sweden ( Their faith has more to do with the rape cases than the Christian “sect” faith in the spead of Covid-19.

7. On the other hand BBC decried stories of Chinese eating bat soup as set up by racist people. I know with certainty and in person that rich Chinese and Asian people like to and do eat exotic, rare, wild animals such a pangolines, tortues, sea turtles, monkeys, etc… Snakes and bats are the more common animals for food than Westerners would have thought. If the practice is not widespread then why had the Chinese government banned the sale and eating of wild animals? (Coronavirus: China wildlife trade ban ‘should be permanent’ by Navin Singh Khadka,

8. BBC decried the role of vitamin C in combating coronavirus. (

A health study found that it is:

Vitamin C in megadoses administered before or after the appearance of cold and flu symptoms relieved and prevented the symptoms in the test population compared with the control group.
The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections.
Gorton HC, Jarvis K.,

9. Finally when the transmission and fatality figures are derivable from the very transparent country South Korea, BBC was quick to say the difference from Chinese figutes are due to weak control of the population by South Korea government but not any suppression of news by Chinese government.


I would give BBC a mark of 90/100 for such propaganda work (The power of propaganda: Fake news, Biased news.). The UK people should not have to pay their annual radio reception license fees to have propaganda forced down their throats. Even in communist countries propaganda is totally free and is freely supplied from loud speakers installed in the streets.

I wonder what the UK Prime Minister Borris Johnson would think of that.





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