DAS KAPITAL: Your 12-Point Great Depression II Survival Guide – By MN Gordon | RIELPOLITIK


Always take what’s yours…plus a little bit more. You’ll undoubtedly need it with Donald J. Trump running riot during an election year.
Never shake hands with your right hand, without first crossing the fingers of your left hand securely behind your back. You never know when you’ll need a do-over.
Always look out for No. 1, save stepping in No. 2.
Never give a beggar your pocket change, except when to do so is to buy them a drink.
Know the difference between honesty with yourself and honesty with others. The former must be rigorous; the later must be flexible…especially when applying for insurance.
Never kick a man when he is down; so too, never hasten to help him up.
Never stiff your barber. He’ll be your last resort for relief via bloodletting and fire cupping, should things get bad enough.
Never con widows and orphans; all others are fair game.
Do not worry about money; what you don’t have should be of little concern.
Never forget that there’s a fool on every corner and a sucker born every minute. Avoid being one of them when at all possible; for it is both demoralizing and expensive.
Do not take it personal when you lose your job. This economy’s circling the toilet bowl; before this is over a lot of other good people will lose their job too.