Check Your Cupboards: Could Old 70s CorningWare Dishes Be Worth $10,000? – NATION AND STATE

Comment by tonytran2015: No! The astronomical prices are not real. I have a number of them for cooking and storing stews. If people are that desparate for them I would have been able to sell at fractions of those prices.

According to Hardy, viral claims about the worth of these dishes, along with ebay ads, are most likely a fabrication by some with a hidden agenda. “This is something that somebody is stirring (the) pot on the internet to attract business to themselves. I’m sure if you looked at the profile of these particular individuals on eBay, you’d see where they have thousands of pieces like this and what they’re trying to do is artificially raise the price on it,” he stated.

Trends like this just show that you can’t believe everything you find on the internet. And as the old adage goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.