Burning the Temples. The Collapsing Culture of the American Empire – Global Research


So what have we burned? We have squandered a once-prosperous nation built on dual ideals of freedom and equality and turned them both inside out, into their negatives: freedom into the selfishness of “me first” as a virtue, and equality into the dominance me over you, or more obviously, one class over other classes, with the others splintered and siloed into small “identity groups” competing for leftover crumbs falling from the table of the dominant class.

The Culture of Narcissism):

1) Collapse of international law

2) Collapse/U.S. rejection of treaties (e.g. ABM [Anti-ballistic
Missile Treaty]; INF [Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty]; JCPOA
[Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—nuclear treaty between U.S. and

3) Corporate-bought politicians

4) Racism and nationalism abound

5) Denial of any authority

6) Disenfranchisement of citizens and lack of citizen involvement

7) Politicians and political leaders disconnected from the people and
in their own “billionaire’s bubble,” making laws only for themselves,
and hearing only their billionaire colleagues, doing their own
billionaire infighting (e.g. Donald Trump vs. Jeff Bezos, etc.)

8) Spying on citizens

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