Miles Guo found crucial evidence in a Wuhan doctor’s post – Way To Freedom HK

I just left a Cabin Hospital and really want to curse.

Why is it so hard for you to stay home! So hard! There are still newly confirmed
cases (of COVID-19). New diagnoses keep coming. Obviously these people
roamed around outside without listening to the order (to stay home). Every old man should ask yourself if you violated (home-quarantine)! We beg you not to ignore orders due to age-related arrogance.

You are capable of going out without masks. You are capable of arguing. Then you should be capable of not seeing a doctor after getting

All the efforts made in many days could be ruined completely by one or two persons. Do you deserve to be killed? You should think if your irresponsible behavior justifiable to the dead or the living.

Official: I just got the news that the CCP finally agreed to let the WHO and CDC visit Wuhan.

Miles: Letting police investigate a bank robbery after one week’s cleanup of the crime scene is a coverup. The CCP will make you bear false witness. It is even worse. It is like investigating a dead body after it was burnt to ashes. Sun Lijun and his police force will control every aspect of your investigation. You will become tools for the CCP to deceive the world! The CCP will definitely let you visit P4 Lab after ‘deep-cleaning’ by the PLA (People’s Liberation Army). The PLA was able to remove all evidences within hours instead of days. The CCP will only tell you what they want you to know. you will not be allowed to conduct independent investigations or talk to Wuhan residents directly.

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