Inequality during crisis | Ukraine Today .org

In Ukraine, the measures to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus highlighted the class divide. The well-traveled rich are most likely to bring the disease into the country, yet the poor will suffer most from the restrictions.

Even the key measure, staying home, is problematic for many in Ukraine. A recent survey showed that 57% don’t have funds to live in strict quarantine for more than four weeks. Only 16% can stretch savings for up to two months.

Those who are hit hardest are low-income families, service workers, manual laborers, creative class professionals, the elderly and the disabled.

They can’t afford to stock up. The prospects of getting the next paycheck are uncertain for those who are employed in the sectors greatly damaged already: hospitality, entertainment, retail, services, seasonal work abroad, etc.

For those who stay at home, the quality of their time in quarantine also depends on their financial situation.

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