Queensland coronavirus measures to include on-the-spot fines and more telehealth appointments – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Self-quarantine rules will not be observed by many communities. Current Australia is not the same Australia of WW2. The whole society has drastically changed.

The only method of quarantine is to isolate returners, immediately stamp their both hands with the words “Self Isolation” using Slow fading Ink, then tag them with apps on their smart phones. Escapers from isolation may have to be shot with police taser guns and then with army riffles! (https://canoe.com/news/world/coronavirus-execution-north-korea-reportedly-shoots-official-dead-after-he-breaks-quarantine?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=truncated_content&utm_content=news_world&utm_term=postmedia_news).


Queensland will expand its
telehealth system and crack down on people flouting self-isolation orders in a bid to keep coronavirus patients at home, the State Government says.

Queensland police said the community should expect an increased number of officers
checking on people under public health directions and taking action against those who did not comply.

They warned those who failed to abide by quarantine directions would face
penalties of up to $13,345 for individuals and $66,672.50 for corporations.

In a statement, they said that included people “deliberately flouting self-isolation directions, holding unlawful mass gatherings or
conducting non-essential business”.

Victoria has also imposed penalties for those breaching social distancing rules.

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