United States to Make 100,000 Ventilators in 100 Days: Trump


One reporter asked, “Mr. President, last night you told Sean Hannity you didn’t think that there was a need for 30 or 40 thousand ventilators, yet today you basically federalized General Motors to produce tens of thousands.”

“I think there’s a very good chance we won’t need that many,” Trump responded. “And I think, frankly, there’s a great chance that we’re not going to need that many.”

“But you know what? There are a lot of other people that are going to need them. We have countries all over the world that are friends of ours, and we will help those countries. We are in a position to do things that other countries can’t. So we have sort of an interesting position,” the president added.

“We can make them, because we’re going to be making over one hundred thousand pretty quickly. So we can make them,” Trump continued. “And if we don’t need them, that’s OK, because we can help Italy and we can help the UK. Boris Johnson, specifically, I mean, when I say ‘how you feeling?’ And the first thing Boris said to me is ‘We need ventilators.’”

Trump on Friday authorized the use of the Defense Production Act (DPA) to compel General Motors (GM) to move faster on a government contract to produce ventilators that help patients with acute symptoms of the CCP virus to breathe.

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