#WuhanVirus, Lies, Manipulation, Propaganda, WHO/CDC “Human Errors”, Incompetence, but there is hope, here is why: – Bas Boon says

Comment by tonytran2015: Thanks to https://ukrainetoday.org/2020/03/30/everybody-please-read-this-article/, we have found an exceptional blog revealing a very comprehensive plan to destroy the whole Western Allies. Please read the source


In a previous blog I have informed my readers about a group called “BRICS” (Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, China and South Africa) the goal of
countries under leadership of China is to not use the US dollar anymore for buying oil. Now things went smooth with the Clintons inviting China in the WTO and the Obama administration continuing the selloff of
America’s independents by receiving huge payments from China (The vice
president’s son Hunter Biden company 1.5 Billion from the Chinese when his father Joe Biden was vice president under Obama).

Then something happened… : Donald Trump became the new president of the US and it was clear that “Make America great again” and
America first was not the direction many powerful people around the world wanted.

Fast forward we can see Trump became good
friends with the new president of Brazil … and lately …of India : Trump took away two countries from the “BRICS”group and … was successful at doing so!

China was furious how could this have happened? Trump should have been found guilty of the Russian Collusion Hoax), the
Ukrainian Hoax and finally The Impeachment hoax. But Trump is a fighter he survived the onslaught of fake accusations fueled by Russian and Chinese bots on social media and the Fake News, …

Putin refused to cut back Russia’s oil production … So, the Saudi’s flooding the
market for oil, slashed their own prices and the result was a first day price
drop of 25%. This shook the worldwide stock markets and no end in sight during
a worldwide pandemic (coincidence?).

Oil crises and its effects perfectly explained in this

The Health “Experts” paid and bought for by China giving
“weird” pandemic advice.

Now in my previous blog I explained that the WHO was in the pocket from China (Director General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom was appointed by China and paid for) On the 14th of February the WHO announced
“no human to human spread “ (Taiwan warned the WHO already in December
the #wuhanvirus was spreading from human to human). The same date
February 14th “surely not coordinated and just a coincidence another “health expert “clown Michael Welling the director of the center for Coordination of health Alerts and Emergencies’ of the Ministry of Health said Quote “In Spain we do not have Covid-19 and the population
must understand that there is no risk”, 38 days later Spain’s hospitals are overrun,

Here is the tweet of the WHO at same date February 14th.

Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan #China

I explained that the WHO advised to the whole world to keep the borders open (China and Taiwan took their own measurements not trusting China and their WHO health “experts”) what are the Odds that on the same date just after Trump announces the travel ban to China on January 31, the WHO announced that travel bans are an overreaction and not necessary?.



‘March 23thrd 2020 Trump is having none of it, so he puts AG Barr to work.

At a press conference it is made clear to the public they will go after “hoarders” and guess what?

Three days after Barr’s message/warning, the SEIU Union in California suddenly finds mysterious stash of 39 million Masks.

I guess Barr’s remark was heard loud and clear

More good news by this ‘miraculous” finder of the mask quote:

Union officials said they also found a supplier that can produce 20 million protective masks per week and another that can provide protective face shields, what are the odds?

Just Weird?

For example: There is something weird happening in China as … millions and millions of mobile phone subscriptions vanished? Sure reports swing from 8 million
to12 and even 21 million users just vanished in three months!

Or the death toll is correct except it is not mentioned which drug they successfully used to have such a low death toll?