Finland Government Collapses & Why the Media is Silent | Armstrong Economics | John Barleycorn

Comment by tonytran2015: Old but relevant blog.

Healthcare is destroying Western Civilization for the costs are far too high. Because they have been subsidized by the government, they have not been subjected to the normal business cycle. They just always have their hand out in uptrends and down. The government in Finland resigned on Friday after they failed to come up with reform to cut costs in healthcare. Between that trend and government pensions, these two forces are putting pressure to keep raising taxes and lowering the standard of living for everyone else. This is what I mean that we are in the stages of a collapse in socialism. There should be no government pensions where people have not contributed anything toward their future. Healthcare MUST be cut off and forced to be competitive. Obamacare was all about cheating the youth and forcing them to pay for healthcare they did not need to reduce costs for those who did need it. This is the hallmark of socialism – how to live off of other people’s money.

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