Microsoft Accused Of Promoting Satanism After Pulling Ad Profiling Marina Abramovic – Society Reviews

Marina Abramovic is described by the media has one of the most prolific artists of our time with deep connections to some of the most powerful celebrities and politicians in our country. Microsoft describes her in the ad as “the most acclaimed performance artist living today. Known for risky performances that push the limits of human endurance, it’s difficult to overstate her importance within the art world and pop culture at large.”

Unofficially, Marina Abramovic as a practicing satanist who disguises her ‘rituals’ as ‘performance art’ to avoid mainstream suspicion. Abramovic was exposed in the 2016 Wikileaks e-mail dump having connection to major politicians and celebrities. The activities Marina participated in included deeply disturbing acts such as “spirit cooking” when involves using real blood in ‘performance art’.