WHO’s failures in its basic tasks

WHO’s failures in its basic tasks by tonytran2015.

WHO had neglected its responsibilities:

1. When the Wuhan respiratory disease first broke out in Wuhan at the end of 2019, there were many horrible reports on alternative media news and social news. At that time it was obvious that Chinese authorities tried to suppress those news. WHO did not ask Chinese Government to let independent observers assess the situation. A cautious organization would have to worry about a re-occurence of SARS from the same location.

2. WHO did not pay attention to the black outs of medical news from Wuhan and the increase activity of incinerators there.

3. WHO took the reports from the Chinese government of the break out of Covid-19 uncritically, without any analysis. WHO failed to ask the Chinese authority to supply sample of the virus. Chinese samples were available only AFTER Australian hospitals have supplied their samples to the World.

4. When there was reports of direct human to human transmission in Chinese medical circle, WHO did not initiate an independent investigation but sided with the Chinese government to deny the possibility.

5. It is not WHO’s role to give or not to give diplomatic recognition of Taiwan but WHO should have given some report on the situation of the disease in Taiwan, a place with sizable area, large population and success in fighting the outbreak. Taiwan should have been reported in WHO’s daily Situation report (maybe under a heading such as Taiwan Region while China under the heading China less Taiwan Region).

6. WHO played political games of blaming American ban on flight from China.

7. WHO daily Situation reports still carry the huge dispecrancy between reporting standards between countries. How can people know those figures are reliable? How can they know where is a good place to wait out for the pandemic to subside?

So US President Trump has a good basis for his blame on WHO.