crimes against humanity at leading medical centers in the US – larrysmusings

Reader discretion is advised.

At what point does natural law finally win out over ideology, and amoral utilitarian expediency?

We have modern day Dr. Moreau(s) and Dr. Frankenstein(s) at various university medical centers in the US. Perhaps the most infamous example is at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center. All the late term abortion techniques (many quite gruesome) are taught there. But, for some time now, likely several years, children born alive from late term abortions are being dissected while still alive for their organs and tissues for macabre medical experimentation (including introducing such human tissues into mice and other laboratory animals.) These “in vivo” abortions are not so-called “botched” abortions, but are intentionally induced as the organs and tissues for harvesting must be “fresh” and use-able in this research. Federal tax dollars are subsidizing some of this gruesome pseudo scientific research where human fetal tissues are implanted into mice to “humanize” the mice (see link below, we could not make this stuff up).

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