A possible soft Revolution in USA

A possible soft Revolution in USA

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Many causes have recently increased greatly the possibility of a Soft Revolution in USA. They are summarized here:

1. An oligarchic congress driven by lobbyists want the President to share his tremendous powers.

2. Local governments and multinational corporates want more money and more subsidizations from taxpayers.

3. Elites and globalists also want to share some of the President’s power.

4. The middle class want to restore their right to secure lives.

5. The lower class are quite hostile against extreme wealth gap and perpetual wars serving only non-American interests. Workers and farmers are angry about high health care costs and corporate perpetual copy-rights on almost anything they produce in order to create and maintain the extreme wealth gap.

6. Some may say that the revolutionaries are opposed to foreign servitude and to dual citizens more than to excessive capitalism.

There is many frightening similarites between the above cited causes and the causes of the French revolution listed below.

The French Revolution had numerous causes which are greatly simplified and summarized here:
  1. Parliament wanted the king to share his absolute powers with an oligarchic parliament.
  2. Priests and other low-level religious figures wanted more money.
  3. Nobles also wanted to share some of the king’s power.
  4. The middle class wanted the right to own land and to vote.
  5. The lower class were quite hostile in general and farmers were angry about tithes and feudal rights.
  6. Some historians claim that the revolutionaries were opposed to Catholicism more than to the king or the upper classes.


History may repeat itself given very similar circumstances. As American already have their voting rights, the revolution may be a soft one in the form of a sudden increase in the number of participating voters and the popularly enforced stricter requirements for voter identification. After such an election, an absolute majority may be attained and the Constitution may be amended.

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