Legal experts reveal China’s reason for pushing fake news about Wuhan Coronavirus – Conservative Base

McFarland’s undergraduate degree is in China Studies. She served in a
number of key defense and national security positions including a stint
as the assistant national security advisor in the Trump White House.
She told her fellow President Reagan administration alumnus Giuliani
the following:

“One of the reasons that they keep insisting, despite mounting evidence that it came from a lab in Wuhan, they keep insisting, no, no,
it came from a wet market, or maybe it was America who did it. They cannot admit culpability for the following reason, if they do, then
there’s a clause that they put into the Phase 1 US-China Trade Deal, where in essence in this trade deal it said we would lift sanctions, we
would lift the tariffs on them and then they would buy a lot of agriculture and other goods from us.

“But there’s a clause that’s in there, a get out of jail free
clause, which says, however, if there is a natural occurring disaster, the two parties will renegotiate.

“In other words, China doesn’t necessarily want to keep the terms of the deal. And so it’s very important for everybody, for them, to
say, well, it’s a naturally occurring disaster coming out of the wet lab. It wasn’t China who did that.